Paper Bags Is Friendly To The Environment Than Plastic Bags

Paper bags is friendly to the environment than plastic bags. It is widely used in food,gifts,jewelry,clothing,to cosmetics packaging. You can reuse them as storage carriers or as garbage bags.

Sailor Striape Paper Favor Bags

Paper is eco-friendly, can be recycled, and biodegradable. That is why many industries use paper when it comes to packaging. When plastic bags were introduced, many manufacturers and consumers were thrilled because they are cheaper and easier to produce. But plastic does not degrade in the usual manner. Pieces can block the gastrointestinal tract of an animal, preventing digestion of other food. Autopsies on seabirds wasted from hunger expose bellies full of plastic bits from plastic floating in their habitats. Five trillion plastic bags are produced yearly and unless these bags are buried underground, there is going to be a drastic effect on wildlife.

There are many ways to use brown bags. They are inexpensive, timeless, and can be designed to be more presentable. There are also paper bags being sold at the stores for storage of items that are not heavy such as consumable items. Their size and color varies according to their purpose. But there are high quality paper bags which are intended for commercial usage. These bags are created from virgin pulp of trees to guarantee their durability.

Businesses can put their logos in paper bags. This is inexpensive advertising but effective. There are wide varieties to choose from, large standard brown bags to more stylish rectangular bags with convenient handles.

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