The Advantages Of Metal Core PCB As Following

Metal core PCB have been used frequently nowadays in various industry, especially for LED products. Here we would like to discuss about the metal core PCB and why Metal core PCB or Aluminum PCB is so popular and what advantages they have.

PCB For Security Boards

The characteristics of the metal core PCB/Aluminum PCB:

1. Aluminum PCB use SMT technology.

2. Make a very effective treatment for thermal diffusion in the circuit design.

3. Reduce the operating temperature, improve the density of power and reliability, prolong the lifetime of final products

4. Reduce the size of products and the cost of hardware & assembly;

5. Replace the brittle ceramic PCB, have better mechanical endurance.

The advantages of metal core PCB as following:

1. Thermal conductivity.

Currently, for many double-sided PCB or multilayer printed circuit board with high density and power, it’s a challenge for heat emitted. The normal PCB raw material such as FR4 or CEM3 have poor thermal conductivity and inter-layer insulation. The heat is difficult to go out and high temperature will cause the failure of electronic components. Aluminium PCB have excellent thermal conductivity and they could be a quite good cool solution.

2. Thermal expansibility

Expand with heat and contract with cold is a feature of object, The CTE(coefficient of thermal expansion) is different with different objects. The Z-axis of CTE vary greatly between hole wall with plated copper and connected insulated wall for normal FR4 PCB, the metal hole maybe crack if the heat couldn’t be removed in time., so that it will cause the issue of reliable. MCPCB can effectively deal with the heat and the problems of thermal expansion and contraction, improve the durability and reliability of equipments.

3. Scale stable

Compare with FR4 PCB, the scale of metal core pcb is much more stable. Aluminum PCB, heated from 30„ to 140~150„, the scale changes only from 2.5 – 3%. So the metal PCB is more suitable to work in the condition of high temperature. More information:

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