Electronic cigarette legalization in Belgium

January 27, 2016 from Belgium official news, King Philip of Belgium electronic cigarette will be formally introduced the new Royal Decree legislation, legalizing electronic cigarettes in Belgium. The new legislation is necessary, because until now electronic cigarettes in Belgium has been in a legal gray area.

995mg/ml High Quality Odorless Nicotine

Belgium Health Commission ruled that part of the electronic cigarette nicotine but does not contain tar, can be used as a powerful tool for tobacco-governmental organizations. Director of the Flemish Christian Democrats had wanted to electronic cigarette tax, but has not been placed in the final draft. After this, the electronic cigarette will officially enter the store, more than 16 years of age are free to purchase nationals.

Nicotine electronic cigarette currently prohibited in Belgium. In view of their findings, the researchers now claim Belgium vaporized nicotine products introduced a new legal framework. Belgium All neighboring countries allow the sale of nicotine electronic cigarette.

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Aiker New Product Hisbox 50w


Aiker produced a new product – Hisbox 50W,which supports both Nickle coil and Ti coil。It is the first carved electronic cigarette with flam totem in the body.

The resistance ranges from:

Under temperature mode : minimum 0.06ohm,maximum 2ohm。
under wattage mode: minimum 0.1ohm,maximum 3ohm

Temperature control range

Minumum 100℃,Maximum 315 ℃,or 100℉ to 600℉。

Hisbox 50W has a 2200mah built-in battery,so the body side has no any gap.


(The outer package is very simple and beautiful)


(The inner package is black shading with silver foil printing)


(The front and back all have a relief which is a symbol of flame, it is said too be a desinger’s handwriting of 2008 Olympic games)


图片6(Fire button, nice plus and decrease button)



(510 thread, the four Titanium screws are very beautiful)


(Bottom with USB line and battery cooling hole)

Now we have Silver, Black and gold color, very beautiful colors, welcome for your order.


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