China Professional Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. Under the Guangzhou Happy Island Sports Design Limited. The company began to develop from the 1980s, from the initial small processing plants, and now as a leader to lead the industry, and obtained SASO, CE, TUV, WSCT and many other international certificates. We continue to refine and improve the process, strict control of each production processes, quality of our products do not fade, long life cycle, can withstand high and low temperatures. We produce each product are rigorously tested, absolute security and environmental protection.

Colorful Multi-lane Fiberglass Water Slides

We produce a variety of water slide,outdoor playground equipment and water park equipment. We now produce it outside the series of slides pirate ship, robot, cartoon animals, forest style, marine life style, wooden slides, plastic slides for small children, a large playground and so on. about the amusement play equipment only you can’t think of, no we can’t do.

If you want to know about our products of children playground, please call the following phone or send inquiry, we will get back to you with the fastest speed.

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Enshi HeNo biological Co.,Ltd attend the Bolton Group 2016 Supplier Conference

On March 10, 2016,our general manager Liu Qizhou invited to attend the Burton Group 2016 Supplier Conference.


Burton Group is the earliest in essence, spices production and operation, the largest investment, and passed ISO9001 quality system certification of one of the high-tech joint ventures. This can be invited to participate in a Burton Group Supplier Conference quality of our products is an affirmation.


My company as the only one in Hubei Province liquid nicotine manufacturer, after five years of sedimentation, the company has a comprehensive technology to produce 40% to 99.9% of the full range of high purity nicotine products in the industry has been a certain fame, sold to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea and other countries. High-quality products, high-purity won domestic and foreign customers unanimously agree, I uphold the ” harmonious, credibility and integrity,” the concept of customer satisfaction for the purpose of inviting the Quartet guests and friends, and seek common development!


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Where does white and grey granite be used?

Grey and white Granite’s smooth polished surface, durability make it a popular option for countertops, floorings, and walls. It is durable enough to be used in kitchens, bathrooms and on high-traffic floorings such as driveways, pedestrian roads, bus station terminals, ect; all it needs is a sealer to protect it from staining and a white grey granite-specific cleaner to help extending its using life.


White and Grey Granite Tiles

Aobo Stone has been dedicated to grey and white granite fabrication for more than 15 years. From 12×12 tiles to 18×26 mini slabs, we have white and grey granite options to meet any price range starting at $8/m2. We have samples of over 76 different kinds of white and grey granite in our showroom and accessing to hundreds more.

When using grey and white granite tiles on a floor, slip resistance is a key factor to taken into consideration. Polished surface can be incredibly hazardous in an entryway, kitchen, or bathroom, where someone with wet feet might slip and fall. If you would like to pave your floor with granite in the above mentioned areas, remember to use certain layer of traction, which will do no harm to the beauty of the granite itself.


White and Grey Granite Countertops and Vanity Tops

If you asked what color of granite popularly used in the kitchen and bathroom counters, I will say grey and white granite.The clean, seamless look of a solid surface white and grey granite countertops are both beautiful and timeless. We can offer almost every available type of grey and white granite in a solid surface form; and we’ll give you a competitive price quote that includes the cost of materials and fabrication. Our experienced technique team could providing professional drawings making and installation advice, based on which you can also DIY in your house. Aobo Stone can provide more grey and white granite products for you, including natural granite wall cladding tile, granite outdoor paving stones and granite kitchen countertops.


Happy Island-Childhood Dream-Focused On Being Best Children Rectionequipment Supplier In China

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd. We are the South China’s largest integrated large-scale leading toy manufacturer, specializing in the production of children’s play facilities, fitness equipment, kindergarten teaching facilities, children’s naughty Fort recreational facilities and a large water play product. Our clients are other public places in kindergarten pre-school, residential area, fitness clubs, parks, shopping malls, home gardens and the like.

Toddlers Play Samll Full Plastic Playground

From the 1980s to the present, through continuous R & D and innovation, and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, we have great progress, and now our products have a distinctive technology and features, but also made more than a dozen patent certificate.

Our customers around the world, and many real estate and domestic well-known enterprises to establish a long-term cooperation, there are tens of thousands Kindergartens use of our products, our aim is to “Spreading happiness, Building future “.

Should any of items of interest to you. Please let us know. We shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt your detailed requirements. Never keep you waiting: Your inquiry will be replied in 24hours. More children playground product, you can access cnamusementpark.

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Spring Li

(0086)-159 8927 9205


Sail against the Monkey year

Time flies, 2015 has been in the past, looking forward to 2016 to us. New year, new goals and nurture hope. Enshi Heno biological engineering CO.,LTD All employees and leaders are celebrate together.

Chairman HeZeChairman HeZe

“in 2015 based on the work of the glittering and shortcomings, the Board of Directors on behalf of the company to all employees put forward three initiatives: First, in-depth study and practice the socialist core values, and second active learning progress, and the third is to establish a sense of ownership results-oriented dare, daring。“

general manager Liu Qizhogeneral manager Liu Qizho

Chairman of the awards for employeesChairman of the awards for employees

general manager of the awards for employees

general manager of the awards for employees

图片5We grab a stool to play the game, the scene is full of laughter

We grab a stool to play the game, the scene is full of laughter

图片7Employees performances, the venue climax


Brilliant 2015 years later, full of hopes and challenges of 2016 tiptoes. In the past year we have been smiling, and difficult, but also gain over the face of 2016, we are full of longing, passion, let us with faith and courage, swagger, to write a more splendid future. Visit henonicotine,you can find more surprise. We provide the best pure nicotine liquid for the best e-liquid manufacturers! HENO nicotine is your best choice!


China Most Professional Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd under the Guangzhou joy Island Sports Design Limited. Company’s address in Yingbin Road, Panyu District. Manufacturing plant is located in the northern suburb of Guangzhou, the plant covers an area of 48,000 square meters. The factory has a professional technical personnel and large-scale production workshop, product quality testing laboratories, and three all-round big showrooms. Welcome you visit!

2016 Kindergarten Kids Playground Equipment

Our employees 480 people, including many excellent designers, first-class engineers, professional production staff and excellent sales team at home and abroad.

Outdoor slides one of our top-selling product,slide Playground is child’s play, outdoor playground rides allow more children play together, promote bone growth and brain development. Let that children grow up happy in a healthy and safe recreational environment!

We devote ourselves to providing the customers with exciting,safe,durable and affordable soft play equipment. We have various design,and we also can make design outdoor playground equipment,water park equipment and kindergarten furniture according to your area and requirement.

Aimed to bring the happiness to the children all over the word!We make effort to develop and step forward to the aim a top manufacturer in children play equipment in the word.

We will show you more details and our professional! More info you can visit cnamusementpark.



Cell Phone:0086-159 8927 9205

What’s app/Viber: 0086 159 8927 9205




5 Factors Influencing The Cost Of Custom Lighting Fixture

More and more individual hoteliers are following leading hotel chains to use custom lighting fixtures to decorate their lobbies and guest rooms. But most individual hoteliers are specialists in hospitality management but may not be professional at interior design. When planning to order a or a series of good looking and entirely unique custom made lighting fixtures but unsure what elements will influence the price and quality? How long time would the lead time be? Are Chinese manufacturers reliable? Now we take a look at some of the factors and key questions influencing the cost and quality of custom lighting.

custom lighting fixtures

We are frequently queried by clients for what a bespoke light fitting is about to cost. Ultimately, the cost is extremely variable and it really comes down to a question of what clients want and value. Here are five of the key factors influencing the cost of having a piece of decorative lighting fixture custom made:

  1. Design of fixture. Is a bespoke light fitting being entirely designed or built from an standard model? To we manufacturers, do we have to spend time and labor on design work? Have clients have got drawings with specifications from their interior designers?  Or is it a simple modification of an existing design? Design effort should not be underestimated and represents a fundamental step in the production of any quality fixtures.
  1. Materials. Mass-produced lighting fixtures often use iron and zinc-bearing alloy to minimize production costs. Solid brass and stainless steel made quality fixtures are more preferable for high-end and hospitality contract market. Solid brass and guilt bronze always add a great deal of character. Up to now, it’s not always a cheaper option due to the cost of raw material. The benefit is that solid brass or guilt bronze made chandeliers are not easily get rusted, which could lasts its elegance for 20 years and longer.
  1. Manufacturing quality. Bespoke light fitting production by a good lighting manufacturer is unlikely to be based on a flat-pack design and most definitely not manufactured to be mass-produced at the lowest possible cost. We specialize in creating quality custom fixtures built to last a lifetime at reasonable costs or lower.bespoke light fittings
  1. Labor costs. Customers are occasionally wondered if it’s reliable to source from a Chinese supplier. Why prices from a Chinese lighting fixture manufacturer takes only 15-30% of an US based supplier’s offer? It’s easy to overlook the high wages of workers and costs of rent and material of US and Europe based factories. China is the factory of the world, it’s easy to source all components for manufacturing all different designs of custom fixture. Raw material and labor cost in China is only 10% of the US. In custom lighting and contract hospitality lighting industry, skilled craftsmen takes a large part of the fabrication work. Unlike mass-produced fixtures, every custom light piece is made to order. More skilled craftsmen are involved in production. When requesting offers from any suppliers whether US or China based, remember to have all specifications listed on quotation sheet and PI. That would protect both buyers and suppliers.
  2. custom lighting fixture manufacturers
  1. Order Quantity. The per unit cost of production will evidently reduce when making multiples of a same design at the same time. On a per item basis, there will be less time spent sourcing raw materials, taking measurements and setting up tooling.An one piece order custom fixture is expected to cost more than the ones produced at volume.

A custom lighting fixture manufacturer can help hoteliers, interior designers,contractors,even resident clients to bring their ideas and concepts into reality. If you’ve found a large crystal chandelier in a high-end shopping mall and you want to have it modified for your next hotel project. Or if you’ve seen a series of table lamps and floor lamps in a branded hotel and you want to bring the smart design to your sweet home. Then contact us and you will find us able to produce it or them for you at a much lower cost even with freight added.

The true value of ordering custom made lighting fixtures is clients getting exactly what they want directly from experts in custom lighting industry. Quality lighting fixtures would help clients to save more costs in maintain. It’s an investment rather than just an order.

The easiest and best way to get the cost for your custom lighting fixtures is by communicating directly with Splendor Lighting’s talented designers. Email us with your drawings,specifications,sketches or even just ideas, we’ll get you with the smartest solution and most competitive offer. If crystals are used in your bespoke lighting fixtures, we would like to offer free crystal samples for your reference. More info you can visit: splendorcrystal.