Enshi HeNo biological Co.,Ltd attend the Bolton Group 2016 Supplier Conference

On March 10, 2016,our general manager Liu Qizhou invited to attend the Burton Group 2016 Supplier Conference.


Burton Group is the earliest in essence, spices production and operation, the largest investment, and passed ISO9001 quality system certification of one of the high-tech joint ventures. This can be invited to participate in a Burton Group Supplier Conference quality of our products is an affirmation.


My company as the only one in Hubei Province liquid nicotine manufacturer, after five years of sedimentation, the company has a comprehensive technology to produce 40% to 99.9% of the full range of high purity nicotine products in the industry has been a certain fame, sold to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea and other countries. High-quality products, high-purity won domestic and foreign customers unanimously agree, I uphold the ” harmonious, credibility and integrity,” the concept of customer satisfaction for the purpose of inviting the Quartet guests and friends, and seek common development!


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