The summary of the common size of living room and bedroom TV cabinet

TV cabinet size is a factor in the production and purchase TV cabinet must first be considered, regardless of color and material,if the TV cabinet size discrepancy, then other work are likely to be in vain, because in the TV cabinet family is first placed in the TV cabinet size, the following series to introduce the TV cabinet size is how much for your reference.

Black corner tv stands for small flat screen tvs uk

Living room TV cabinet size (a)

1,TV cabinet design size, and it must be the living room in sofa design and size corresponds must agree on the style and tone;

2,the so-called buy corner TV cabinets and be sure it is compatible with the size of the TV, but in the modern this indulgent society, but also a large TV and a small TV cabinet design size compatible with the expression of a modern personalized beauty ;

3,TV cabinet design dimensions, not only according to the size of the living room the size of a conclusion should be based on personal preferences, and other furniture with a reasonable etc;

Living room and bedroom TV cabinet inventory of the most common size

Living room TV cabinet size (b)

4, the general size portable LCD TV stands design TV longer than two-thirds of the height between forty centimeters to sixty centimeters advisable, TV cabinet design size height should not be too high or not too low, easy to watch for the most good;

5, modern style TV cabinet – Size 2000 * 400 * 390mm] exquisite appearance, minimalist design, modern small apartment home very practical one living room TV cabinet ;

6, American Classic TV cabinet – Size 22400 * 500 * 480mm] American Classic TV cabinet, filling the luxury atmosphere, rustic simplicity, this TV cabinet width and shall not vary that much more than that, like some height slightly, the overall is a combination of furniture ;

Living room and bedroom TV cabinet inventory of the most common size

Living room TV cabinet size (c)

7,Chinese style TV cabinet – Size 1800 * 500 * 500mm] in this style TV cabinet display Chinese cultural characteristics, I believe that many will prefer the traditional family, the TV cabinet width is slightly narrower, and for some other furniture with use;

8, British wood nightstand – Size 2204 * 570 * 480mm] British wood TV cabinet simple yet quality, make the whole home environment filled with a characteristic taste, this TV cabinet size is relatively common, but if you want to put in a large living room, then it should increase with some other small furniture.

The summary of the most common size of living room and bedroom TV cabinet

Bedroom TV cabinet sizes:

1,bedroom TV should be small not big, too big, then the eye is not very good, but radiation is also large, generally 32-inch or 26-inch TV on the same subject;

2,bedroom TV cabinet simple point better, according to the size of the TV to be, than the TV width about 10CM, corner TV cabinet is a very good choice.

The summary of the most common size of living room and bedroom TV cabinet

Common bedroom TV cabinet size

Today writer introduce the main living room,bedroom TV cabinet size, but we have to grasp the point is that when you select the TV cabinet, TV cabinet height should allow users to sit back sight right on the center of the TV screen to sit sofa watching television, for example – face sitting height 40 cm, sitting face-to-eye height is generally 66 cm, together is 106 cm, which is the high line of sight, also used estimates of the height of the TV cabinet meets high health standards, nothing special needs, it is best not to exceed this height. More LCD TV stands,you can click

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