Exclusive snow globe souvenirs on 2016

It is known to all that we often buy some full of local characteristics as souvenirs. In our daily live,we go to London,we buy an Eiffel Tower snow globe,as we go to Switzerland, we buy some as gifts for friends and relatives.We couldn’t tell you that we have sold snow globes 10000 a mouth on 2016.

Cheap items 80mm customized mini snow globe gift

We have a strong term with rich experience and genuine attitude ,that is the key.In our team,we have mature technology process ,about the snow globe ,the material of it can be classified with acrylic ,resin ,ceramic and plastic .In general ,the first half of the snow globe is a water glass ball ,the second part is the base of the resin bottom.There are many shape of building,statue and person inside the water glass ball.The diameter of it can be customized as 25,45,60,80,100mm.Color and material can also be customized by you.

A snow globe (also called a “water globe”, “snowstorm” or “snow dome”) is a transparent sphere, traditionally made of glass, enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort.They can be also made by ceramic and plastic in the bottom,often together with a model of a landscape.The material of them our designers can make it using acrylic,resin and polyresin .

The sphere also encloses the water in the globe; the water serves as the medium through which the “snow” falls. To activate the snow, the globe is shaken to churn up the white particles. The globe is then placed back in its position and the flakes fall down slowly through the water. Snow globes sometimes have a built-in music box that plays a song. Some snow globes have a design around the outerbase for decoration.Snow globes sometimes have a built-in music box that plays a song.Wedding snow globe series have a design around the outerbase for decoration.
Original snowglobe was a black ceramic base ceramic figures or images, filled with water, and then seal the heavy lead glass dome,it was created by use of bone chips or pieces of porcelain , sand or even sawdust.As they became more sophisticated, the glass was thinner, the bases were lighter and the snow was made out of particles of gold foil or non-soluble soap flakes.But,for health and safety , white plastic has become more common in the construction of modern snow globes at present.

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