Order Your Custom Bobblehead Gifts Early for Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And now it it September. And you will think that there have three months. It is long time for prepare a gift. Gift need time to choose ,moreover good gift, Such as bobblehead.

Custom bobbleheads are different from many other gifts because of their personal and unique nature. You can’t go to the store and pick one up a week before Christmas. They are hand-crafted and it takes time to meet each individual’s specifications.

For example, the standard sculpting and shipping process usually takes around 6 weeks.

And now We make a 20% discount and free shipping for your orders.
We can make the change till you are satisfied it.

Many shops will offer you some rush service because of the time. So that If the time is urgent, need more cost to buy it. It becomes more difficult to gauge sculpting and delivery times around the holidays due to an abundance of custom unique bobblehead.

So If you’re giving someone a personalized bobblehead as Christmas gift, we recommend ordering the bobblehead now in our shop:www.bobblehead2u.com. we will make amazing gift for you.


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