New year’s gifts from China TOPQ

It’s hard to believe that one more year has almost passed.But anyway it’s true and we are in the middle of the New Year celebration preparation. Maybe you are confused about what new year gift to choose. Exactly, Choosing the right gift is an art and you need some sense for sending some special gifts to your loved one and your family. You may think about some wristwatch or garments for your husband, grandpa and other family members or friends, but do you really think that these gifts are unique anymore? If you want to send something different this time then TOPQ Charcoal BBQ Grill and some barbecue Optional Accessories are the best gifts for them.

NO. 1 New TOPQ Classic Kamado 21”

TOPQ New size Kamado as a new year’s gift , that make the the gift more special. Also , the red color make the new year more hot. The cast iron cart with four flexible wheels make the grill like a mobile kitchen. Additionally, this grill is wonderful for smoking meats and giving a flavorful smoked meat taste. This convenient grill is very useful for all cooking purposes and the price is a steal!

21 Inch Versatile Garden BBQ Bakery Oven

NO. 2 Pizza stone and pizza shovel

Find the best unique gifts and gift ideas for him this year. Most guys love pizza and pizza making.  As the one of the most popular accessory , pizza stone is a normal gift. But ,you can send a suit of pizza stone with different size and combine with a pizza shovel as a gift to make it special. Currently , we have different size of pizza stone and big steel shovel for pizza lovers.

NO .3 Stainless-steel Pepper Roaster Tray

Stainless-steel Pepper Roaster Tray keeps jalapeno poppers upright while you add fillings and grill. Sides have a convenient lip that makes it easy to transfer all 21 peppers at once without falling apart. Grill up great tasting and unique appetizers for your next outdoor event.

TOPQ Stainless Steel Pepper Roaster Tray

No. 4 Hamburgers Grilling basket

Hamburgers Grilling basket is perfect gift for burger lovers, it’s also known as sliders, make ideal snacks for any occasion. This burger/slider set has what you need to keep any occasion fueled with fast, tasty burgers. The double patty press means you can prep more food, faster by pressing meat into 2 patties at a time. The non-stick hamburger grill basket holds 4 sliders for easy grilling. The included bun cutter can trim any bread or burger bun down to slider size for a perfect fit.

TOPQ Hamburger Grilling Basket


Begin 2017 with a new kamado grill

The holidays are a time for celebration, for giving gifts, and for consuming great food. And during the flurry of activities, we urge you to plan for your New Year’s resolution. At the top of the list this year? Taking your barbecue skills to a new level by mastering the art of kamado grilling.

The TOPQ commercial smoker grills retails for over ten countries in the world, and is a compact kettle cooker that packs a punch. It boasts the same quality low-and-slow cooks as its larger brothers, but fits in places where you don’t have space for a larger grill. Our friends at TOPQ Kamado have partnered with us to make a certain reader VERY happy—paired with new promotion for 2017 and many indispensable grilling tools, this Topq kamado grill will kick your 2017 into high gear!

From now through December 31, 2016, enter www.topqbbq.com for wining the TOPQ Ceramic BBQ back!


Let TOPQ Kamado Accompany You for Christmas

The Christmas Day and Happy New Year are a time for cerebration , for giving gift ,for share the happiness, also for consuming great barbecue food. Let TOPQ Kamado accompany you for Christmas.

With December 25th just around the corner many of you will be can’t waiting the big day with your family and friends. Having a dinner with all family members is a happy picture.TOPQ Kamado suitable for cooking perfect Christmas turkey ,rub,meat,hamburg ,asparagus and various vegetables.Slow and high temperature barbecue make the moment unforgettable.you can play a game during the roaster time, Child can build a snowman on the sown,sweet music around the house.

A New Year a new plan, we urge you to taking your barbecue skills to a new level by mastering the art of TOPQ Kamado grilling. TOQP Kamado grill not only give enrich you barbecue experience but also Let your barbecue skill have greatly improved.Many kind of accessories you can use for your barbecue. Such as, Ceramic prats : Pizza stone , Plate setter and Chicken or Turkey sitter ; Meter parts :BBQ Rib rack , Upper cooking Grills, Devide and conquer system ; and other accessories like BBQ rain cover , Barbecue glove and Grilling Apron.

More information about TOPQ Kamado , Visiting our website www.topqbbq.com


Wrapping Tips and Techniques For Festival Gifts

Before the Christmas coming,firstly you need to get a new skill to wrap tips and techniques for Holiday gifts.

You’ve picked out the perfect presents for everyone on your list and now it’s time to put them under the tree. Wrap your gifts with a little extra festival cheer and impress everyone on your Christmas list this year. A beautifully wrapped gift can show that special someone just how much you really care.For me, getting a beautifully wrapped package is a gift in itself! You can also achieve those perfect unique Christmas packages with these festival gift like xmas snow globes wrapping tips and techniques.

The key to perfectly wrapped, pretty packages is interesting paper, multiple layers.After you’ve spent all the time and money to get the perfect gift, don’t you want the outside to be as perfect as what is on the inside gifts too? The good news is you don’t have to break to create pretty packages.

I like to stick with a theme when it comes to the wrapped presents .I usually pick a color that coordinates with my Christmas tree theme to make everything extra special. So I chose the shiny wrapping paper, will match my gorgeous metal farmhouse-inspired Christmas tree.I love that you can get great quality wrapping paper for much less than you can find it elsewhere. The grid lines on the back of the paper help you measure and cut, so you don’t waste paper trying to figure out how much you need.

Once you’ve wrapped your package with the pretty paper it’s time to add a little extra pizzazz. You can find a great selection of fancy ribbon to pick fridge magnet sticker gift tags and more to make your packages stand out. I love including a small ornament or trinket that the recipient can keep and treasure year after year. Or fill a handmade bag with their favorite treat and attach it to the front for another fun and creative way to make those packages pretty!

You don’t have to limit yourself to just wrapping paper and bows when it comes to pretty packages.I found this beautiful, warm and fuzzy scarf.I wrapped their gift in plain white paper, wrapped the scarf around the package, tied a sparkly ribbon on top of the scarf, added a glam ornament and now she has a gift within a gift!

Picking up some baskets or boxes, and gift wrapping. This is also great if you are traveling to relatives houses during Christmas.You can pile up all the gifts you need to take with you to make it easier to transport. I found these great boxes with a chalkboard front and added a fun hand-lettered Christmas message to the front with chalk. I love that this gift can also double as practical storage once the holidays are over.


The holidays mean lots of parties and entertaining,don’t forget to take something for the hostess. I found lots of great Ceramic german beer mug bags that I can slip over my favorite bottle for a quick, easy and inexpensive gift. Add a cute decoration to the front is sure to standout among the crowd.


Best Gifts For Enriching Your Christmas Day

They say the true spirit of Christmas comes from giving. And nobody believes that until they are well into their teens. At least I didn’t get it until well beyond that. But now that I have figured that out, I’m here to help you with this Christmas Buying Guide for Grillers so you can truly appreciate the joy of giving while the recipient will get some use of what s/he received. Why should you listen to what I have to say about what to buy the griller in your life for Christmas? Because I’m the griller in some people’s lives and those people buy me grilling gadgets all the time. Some work. Some don’t. I’m here to steer you toward the former.

Let’s start off with a chance to give a great Christmas gift to the griller in your life, but also to help those who serve:

These are TOPQ Kamado. They are kamado style grills in that they are ceramic, but they are over engineered with amazing hinges and all the metal is stainless. And now you can get a TOPQ KAMADO in whatever color you want for a small fee. You could pick your favorite team colors and have the top one of those colors and the bottom the other. The price isn’t expensive, but it will last a lifetime as that’s how long the warranty is. This is the last charcoal grill you will ever buy. If you truly want to be the star of Christmas, slap a bow on one of these and slide it next to the tree. Priced similar to other high end Kamado grills, the big ones are going to cost over a grand but worth every penny.

Now if you’re wondering where to get that Barbecuing Santa figurine at the top of the page,there is good place for visiting,just visit www.topqbbq.com and you will find that you will love it so much.

Thank you for reading and hope you everyone merry Chrsitmas!


How to choose the best playground?

1. Children playing the slides are free to mix, and some of the places connected to live, specify what or not what slip slides can be based on the economy to set the single-layer glass is just screening products, double glass Just sliding slides, plastic slide slides, plastic slippery slippers with imported units more.


2. The best selection of qualified units to purchase slides: quality certification of the company and the environmental certification of the unit, the national security certification unit. In the purchase of slides, do not look at the price and image, only to buy the wrong, no wrong to sell. Some businesses use recycled material or secondary materials to replace raw materials or raw materials to add other substances.


3. Buy slides when the selection of good reputation, qualification of the whole unit to buy children’s slides, should the quality should be placed first.


Company introduction

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co. LTD

We are the manufacturer from China which is specialized in Children Outdoor Playground, Children indoor playground, Water Park, Inflatable Castle, Children Furniture, Outdoor Fitness, etc. We hope every kid can grow up in a place which is full of happiness accompany with their parents. We also have 30years experience in produce children amusement equipment. We have the high quality and reasonable price, you can see our website if you interested in our products.



The factory attracts customers from more than 120 countries. And customers purchase frequently and their business began flourishing since they placed orders with happy island-Childhood dream.

Contact information:

Spring Li

Cell Phone:0086-159-8927 9205





Christmas In Every Nook And Cranny

If you put a tree in your holiday decorations range, you have missed a very good way to prolong that feeling of joy for the rest of the House. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, why not take advantage of this opportunity? Read on for a few easy ways to bring Christmas to life in every nook and cranny of your home using indoor seasonal decor.

A reading corner is a must during the holiday season. A nook is a great place to read Christmas stories to youngsters, and it’s also a place to leave out milk and cookies for Santa. Most important corner is a space to get some much-needed “you time” when things get hectic. Put on festivals throw pillows and soft to your corner, add something new. An antler table stand creates a festive vibe, and you can top it off with additional holiday swag, like custom figurine.

While most people see a cabinet as a place to store unused items, We see it as a canvas which to create a merry holiday story. Set out a miniature house, some trees, and wilderness animals to invoke the setting of a Christmas village. Open cabinet doors to create even more decorating space like ceramic flower vase on the shelves .

Got a space, like an unused corner,is it the lack of holiday happiness? Wheel in a bar cart and deck out the shelves for some extra holiday glam. Any type of decor, from poinsettias to snow globe christmas tree decorations, can be used.

Another opportunity to max out your merry is on windowsills. Use the flat surface as a table for a charming Christmas scene. We used beer, deer, and tree decor to conjure up the image of Christmas Eve in the woods. Windows are also nice places to hang wreaths, garland, or lights.

Your Christmas decor doesn’t have to end. Take to the walls for more ways to extend your merry look.Walls are a great place to add festive holiday information, like quote art. Or if you’re feeling inventive, create a gallery wall by mixing several kinds of art together, like prints, decorative picture frame, even wreaths. Click here for tips on how to DIY a wreath!