How to choose the best playground?

1. Children playing the slides are free to mix, and some of the places connected to live, specify what or not what slip slides can be based on the economy to set the single-layer glass is just screening products, double glass Just sliding slides, plastic slide slides, plastic slippery slippers with imported units more.


2. The best selection of qualified units to purchase slides: quality certification of the company and the environmental certification of the unit, the national security certification unit. In the purchase of slides, do not look at the price and image, only to buy the wrong, no wrong to sell. Some businesses use recycled material or secondary materials to replace raw materials or raw materials to add other substances.


3. Buy slides when the selection of good reputation, qualification of the whole unit to buy children’s slides, should the quality should be placed first.


Company introduction

Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co. LTD

We are the manufacturer from China which is specialized in Children Outdoor Playground, Children indoor playground, Water Park, Inflatable Castle, Children Furniture, Outdoor Fitness, etc. We hope every kid can grow up in a place which is full of happiness accompany with their parents. We also have 30years experience in produce children amusement equipment. We have the high quality and reasonable price, you can see our website if you interested in our products.



The factory attracts customers from more than 120 countries. And customers purchase frequently and their business began flourishing since they placed orders with happy island-Childhood dream.

Contact information:

Spring Li

Cell Phone:0086-159-8927 9205




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