Let TOPQ Kamado Accompany You for Christmas

The Christmas Day and Happy New Year are a time for cerebration , for giving gift ,for share the happiness, also for consuming great barbecue food. Let TOPQ Kamado accompany you for Christmas.

With December 25th just around the corner many of you will be can’t waiting the big day with your family and friends. Having a dinner with all family members is a happy picture.TOPQ Kamado suitable for cooking perfect Christmas turkey ,rub,meat,hamburg ,asparagus and various vegetables.Slow and high temperature barbecue make the moment unforgettable.you can play a game during the roaster time, Child can build a snowman on the sown,sweet music around the house.

A New Year a new plan, we urge you to taking your barbecue skills to a new level by mastering the art of TOPQ Kamado grilling. TOQP Kamado grill not only give enrich you barbecue experience but also Let your barbecue skill have greatly improved.Many kind of accessories you can use for your barbecue. Such as, Ceramic prats : Pizza stone , Plate setter and Chicken or Turkey sitter ; Meter parts :BBQ Rib rack , Upper cooking Grills, Devide and conquer system ; and other accessories like BBQ rain cover , Barbecue glove and Grilling Apron.

More information about TOPQ Kamado , Visiting our website www.topqbbq.com


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