Begin 2017 with a new kamado grill

The holidays are a time for celebration, for giving gifts, and for consuming great food. And during the flurry of activities, we urge you to plan for your New Year’s resolution. At the top of the list this year? Taking your barbecue skills to a new level by mastering the art of kamado grilling.

The TOPQ commercial smoker grills retails for over ten countries in the world, and is a compact kettle cooker that packs a punch. It boasts the same quality low-and-slow cooks as its larger brothers, but fits in places where you don’t have space for a larger grill. Our friends at TOPQ Kamado have partnered with us to make a certain reader VERY happy—paired with new promotion for 2017 and many indispensable grilling tools, this Topq kamado grill will kick your 2017 into high gear!

From now through December 31, 2016, enter for wining the TOPQ Ceramic BBQ back!


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