2017’ s The Best IPL Hair Removal Machine At Home

Home IPL hair removal device INS-VE01 is applied with intense pulse light technology. IPL light penetrates into dermis and is absorbed by melanin in hair and hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the energy from hair section to hair root, rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it.It brings a comfortable, painless, safe, and permanent hair removal result. You can remove unwanted hair at your privacy of home.

In addition, the IPL epilator also has contact skin recognition system, that is, only when the cap will contact well with the skin can it be flashed. This design can avoid harm caused by false triggering. Also, the lamp is with memory function even you changed it,its memory still can identify automatically.The device will show the data on the LCD display. It is very convenient for you to check.

It is worth mentioning that INS-VE01 IPL hair removal machine has five energy levels that allows different parts of the body to find a suitable energy, more effectively achieve to hair removal. It is the best home IPL hair removal device for your choice.

300,000 Flashes Hair Removal IPL Depilator

Effect: Permanent hair removal,painless, fast, effective and safe with no side-effects

Preparing treatment areas
1. Shave the areas you intend to treat as long as you still experience hair regrowth.

Note: If your last depilation method involved removing hairs by the roots (e.g epilating, waxing etc.), wait until you notice significant hair regrowth before you use the device. Do not use depilatory creams instead of shaving.

  • Please note that treatment on unshaved or improperly shaved areas has a number of undesired effects:The light exit window and attachment may become contaminated with stray hairs and dirt. A contaminated light exit window and can reduce the life and efficacy of the appliance. In addition, burns or black spots that appear on the light exit window and attachments due to contamination can cause the treatment to become painful or cause skin reactions like redness and discolouration. Hairs on your skin can burn, which can result in an unpleasant smell


  • Clean your skin and make sure it is hair-free, entirely dry and free from oily substances (e.g. present in cosmetic products like deodorants, lotions, perfumes, tanning creams and sunscreens).

3.Check the appliance, especially the light exit window for trapped hair, dust and fibres. If you see any contamination, clean the appliance.


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