How to protect your lovley bag ?

Nowadays,more and more people use laptop backpack to protect laptop,so backpack is the one of our indispensability partner in daily.Here is some cleaning and maintenance of backpack:

1.When cleaning,we can use wet cloth to wipe our backpack or flap,unwashable,avoid to use detergent。

2.After cleaning should be dried in the shade, avoid direct sunlight

3.Can not use clothes-hanger to hang the shoulder strap part, because long time will out of shape.

4.Do not remove the backpack system as much as possible.

5.Backpack,when not in use,all fasteners and strap should be relaxed.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Why is so important to have the right bag ?

A laptop mostly weighs between 2 and 4 kilos . the weight of a bag containing a laptop , accessories such as a mouse and external keyboard, papers and a wallet can quickly add up to 4 to 6 kilos.

A backpack weighing this much has significant advantages over ‘ordinary ‘ laptop bags with a shoulder strap. Carrying it takes less energy, results in better posture and distributes muscle tension more symmetrically between the left and right sides of the body.

But whether you use a backpack or a shoulder bag , health experts recommend carrying a bag weighing 4 to 6 kilos no farther than 90 meters (Mital et al.,1993). For longer distances, they recommend using a trolley in order to take the strain off of the boby, particularly the back.

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