3D Waterscape

The prospect of 3D printing technology is undoubtedly huge, explorers in this area are trying to make 3D printing to close to life.
Japanese designer Haruka Misawa used 3D printing technology to create a series of aquarium works,named “WaterScape”.


For the fish to create a high fortified ecological environment.

Misaw’s beautifully designed aquariums are Aquascaping, a wave that has been popular in Japan since the 1990s, and is mainly used by aquatic plants and other materials to create underwater (mainly aquariums) A unique style of the landscape. Thanks to the use of 3D printing technology, these unique underwater landscapes created by Misawa bring a whole new style to the present landscape.

Custom Bobble head is most influential in the world, most people want to record his owns beauty, handsome, and wonderful time, which added to our enjoyment, also has collection value.

MING PEOPLE has a large number of professional technical talents and artistic talents of cooperation to make personalized customized bobble head dolls.


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