About Sterling Silver

With the development of economy and technological, sterling silver is always used in giftware, hollowware, flatware. Mainly used in jewelry making . Sterling silver jewelry is cheaper than Karat gold jewelry, so than most of people can afford it. But, most people don’t know sterling silver. Now, let me tell you something about sterling silver and how to distinguish sterling silver, coin silver and silver.

Although, sterling silver, coin silver, pure silver belong to silver item, the mean of them is different. Sterling silver is different from pure silver and coin silver. Coin silver is 90 percent pure silver and the remaining part consists of other metal. Usually, It is copper. Pure silver, referred to as fine silver, has the silver content of 99.9%. Pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry making and be any other physical object. Therefore, pure silver need to mix with other metal to make it strength and hardness. Sterling silver, called 925 sterling silver in China, is an alloy of at least 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal add it. The metal used in sterling  silver include zinc, germanium, platinum, silicon, copper and so on.

Most sterling silver is made up with pure silver and copper. Copper can maintain the silvery color of the alloy while improve its durable. Alloying with copper is prone to tarnishing because of the copper is more easily to oxidation and corrosion. At present, there is no way to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing because will react with many things in your life. For example, tap water will prompt sterling silver jewelry turning black because it contains chlorine. If you put the sterling silver jewelry in the desk, the surface of sterling silver jewelry will contact the oxygen then the jewelry will turning black. In addition, all of sterling silver jewelry in Luster-Jewelry is plated with rhodium which is a kind of rare metal. In order to reduce the tarnishing, Luster-Jewelry pays attention to the process of rhodium-plated. It is worth mentioning than sterling silver plated jewelry or silver coating jewel is not real sterling silver jewelry, it could be copper or other metal jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry is at least 92.5% of pure silver in the alloy. Legally sterling silver jewelry should be stamped with “925”, ”.925”or”92.5.”. A silver jewelry labeled them you buy means genuine sterling silver jewelry. Coin silver is marked with “coin silver”,”coin”,”900”,”.900”,or”90” which mean the piece has at least 90% of pure silver. Pure silver is stamped with “999” means high purity silver. But, the silver jewelry marked the number of 925 don’t really has pure silver content of 92.5% in somewhere. In other words, some fake sterling silver jewelry is sold in the market.

Due to the affordability of sterling silver, jewelry manufacture always put the simulated sapphire or diamond gemstones in it. Sterling silver simulated sapphire jewelry is popular with the people in North America. Sterling silver gemstone jewelry is conducive to the quality of life.

Sterling silver jewelry does not get cheaper. On the contrary, the value increases with time. Apart from pure gold and karat gold, sterling silver jewelry can be worth the investment. Luster-Jewelry sterling silver jewelry is your best choice.


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