The Stone of Wedding & Engagement Rings

Engagement rings and wedding rings are significant pieces of jewelry that will always remain with you. No matter how old you get and no matter what life throw your way, that engagement rings and wedding rings will still rest on your finger, a beautiful reminder of your love and commitment. The monumental rings will earn a prime spot on your finger where it will be displayed every day, so no doubt that you want to find one perfectly. It is said that the engagement ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand and the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. In the old days, it was said that the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart and that concept has been true throughout the centuries.

Here are five of the most common gemstone shapes in engagement ring and wedding ring; it will help you to single out the best shape for yourself. You can read on to pick out what your favorite engagement or wedding ring shape says about you.


The round shape gems in engagement or wedding ring is classic, elegant and traditional. It is the most sought after stone for brides-to-be. It provides an abundance of sparkle and catches every each of light for maximum brilliance. This classic ring is one of timeless piece. It’s no wonder that it is the perfect choice for everybody.


The name of princess sounds nice. Princess is the representative of stylish and ladylike. It could be a perfect decoration when you wear it with a mermaid gown. A princess makes a statement with sharp angular lines and also emits a mass of shine. On the surface, the princess cut is similar to be square; however, the cut actually more closely analogous with an inverted pyramid. The princess cut is absolutely brilliant.


Emerald can be called as a kind of gemstone; it is also a kind of shapes. The emerald cutting has a long and rich history. What makes emerald shape different is its pavilion, which is cut with many rectangular facets to create a special optical appearance. It will highlight the clarity of the gemstone because of the large and open table. So the emerald shape gemstone is flawless.


The oval cut is similar to round cut but has a little unique edge with its elongated shape. It’s a great choice for a petite woman who wants something to elongate her fingers. The oval shape is also designed to maximize both brilliance and sparkle. The gemstone of famous Kate’s blue sapphire engagement ring is also oval cutting. Blake Lively and Salma Hayek are donning oval shape gemstone ring on their. Obviously, oval shape is popular.


Due to its appearance, cushion cut is also named pillow cut. This cushion cut was made by “Hope Diamond “and has been popular for more than a century. Cushion has rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance. These facets highlight the gems’ clarity. Cushion cut is available in shapes ranging from square to rectangular.     After all, it has 68 facets that can sparkle in any ambiance. The cushion cut is designed to let maximum light shine through.

In addition to the shapes mentioned above, there are other shapes for wedding or engagement rings, the shape could be pear, heart, radiant, marquise, asscher. Now that you have learned a bit about stone shape, aren’t you wanted to buy a ring?


Fight the Blues Jewelry

February has arrived, the climate is still cold. For those of us in cold weather climates, this time of year can feel especially long. Blue hues jewelry is popular in all ages. Here is a list of some of our favorite pieces featuring blue hues gemstone that are sure to warm your heart on a chilly day. If you’re anything like that, you’re on the lookout for ways to keep your spirits high in the dead of winter. Wear blue hues jewelry usually does the trick! Whether you’re out at a party, having an appointment with girlfriend or boyfriend, or meeting friends for drinks after work, you can express yourself with the beautiful jewelry you wear. Add a beautiful jewelry and you can count on a gorgeous and feminine look that will keep you smiling on even the coldest winter day.

Blue Sapphire Ring Desire

The blue sapphire stone is a stunning, deeply-colored blue gemstone and its uses can be dated to ancient. A popular choice amongst celebrity and royal weddings, the blue sapphire is also famed for its use in engagement rings because of Kate princess and Diana princess. Do you know the Kate’s blue sapphire engagement ring? The oval shape genuine blue sapphire up to 12ct and many dazzling small diamonds surround it. Of course, the blue sapphire ring is not cheap. The affordable synthetic blue sapphire rings here at Luster-Jewelry makes an appropriate gift for women or men in daily life. Explore the full range below and discover your lab-created blue sapphire ring of choice.

Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Rings Sterling Silver Round Shape Blue Corundum Pave Rings Synthetic Blue Sapphire Silver Rings Sterling Silver Heart Shape Sapphire Rings

Blue Sapphire Earrings & Pendant Desire

Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the gem of the 45th anniversary. Sapphires are rich in color. From the dark lustre of navy blue to bright and bold ruby to pink sapphires we stock a wide range of high quality lab-created sapphire sterling silver earrings and pendants. Each is meticulously handcrafted in our Luster-Jewelry workshop. Among them, blue sapphire jewellery is most popular. A bright blue sparkle can complement both casual and dressy looks at any time and place. Blue Sapphire Jewelry has a royal feel and is perfect for the bride who wants something a little different. For example, the princess Diana loves blue sapphire jewellery. Our blue sapphire earrings and pendants range comes in a variety of metals and gemstone shapes to create quality jewelry for people. Explore, visualize and personalize these beautiful new designs. These pieces are timeless and chic. We are confident you can’t go wrong with blue gems earrings and pendants!

Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Classical Sterling Silver Pendants Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings

Blue Opal Ring Desire

The opal is traditionally gemstone, but not always opaque, and is the birthstone for October. Our opulent synthetic blue opal jewellery is one of our most popular pieces of gemstone jewellery. All of our jewellery will be packed with bubble wrap packaging to ensure your jewellery arrives safely. Choose the blue opal jewellery from a range of designs and styles to suit you. Luster-Jewelry rings come in a range of sizes or adjustable designs. Blue opal rings on the ex-factory price, welcomed the large number of wholesale!

Women's Tanzanite Cubic Zirconia Rings Men's Sterling Silver Opal Rings Silver Created Blue Opal Unisex Rings Blue Opal Sterling Silver Men Jewelry



What are types of earrings?

Have you ever wondered why people wear earrings? In ancient,Jewelry is a status indicator. Earring is part of the ensemble. Earrings embellish your face. Over time, through the ages, we got so used to seeing faces with earrings that we continue even now. Earrings are cultural artifacts. Earrings make women elegant when they have an appointment with men.

Earrings have an essential part in creating a special look for the special day! Around the world, there are many different kinds of earring that can leave you confused in selecting the perfect wear for the day. Now, Luster-Jewelry makes an introduction to the type of earrings. There are two major types of earrings.

Firstly, pierced earring is one of them. To wear it, you need hole in your earlobe.

Secondly, Non-pierced earring is the other. You don’t need a hole to wear it. It can be like a clip which can stick on the ear part.

Both of them have many sub-types depending on which part of ear you are going to wear it. Below are the ten types of earring.

Stud Earrings: stud earring is a small piece of jewelry that is worn via a small hole in the earlobe. An example of a stud earring is a small diamond set in gold or silver and worn in the earlobe. This is a simple style earring.

Hoop Earrings: A hoop earrings is circular or semi-circular in design, and look very similar to a ring. Hoop earrings generally come in the form of a thin hoop of metal that can be opened to via the ear piercing. The metal could be gold, silver, etc.

Drop Earrings: An earring with a pendant ornament. It attached to the earlobe as a hoop and below it. The gemstone or diamond part of the drop earrings is connected by a chain, jump-ring or similar object.

Dangle Earrings: A dangle earring is a long earring for women. The word “dangle” means to hang and swing to and fro or side to side below the earlobe. Be it the dancing or a birthday party, dangle earrings make a great style statement.

Barbell Earrings: – Barbell earring can be composed of a straight bar and with a bead on each end. The bar of the barbell earrings could be circular.

Huggie Earrings: – It is also known as hugger earring and huggy earring. This is a piece of jewelry is worn in pierced ears. A hinge is located at the top of the earring that allows the post to open and close without an earring back. This is a popular earring style.

Chandelier Earrings: A chandelier earring is long, elaborate dangling earring, generally consisting of numerous of gemstones, beads and metal in a cascading shape. They add oodles of glamour to your ensemble. We recommend that you wear it for the events where you need to make a statement or want to dress up an extravagant outfit.

Ear Cuffs: An ornament worn around the edge of the ear. An ear cuff is a piece of jewelry that attaches to the ear through earlobe or another part of the ear. Ear cuffs have been quite a trend in recent times. You can make them work for you in significant occasion

Mismatched Earrings: Just as its name implies. The one piece of them is different from the other. Mismatched earrings are instantly eye-catching and a must-try jewelry trend in our book.

Jhumka Earring: Jhumka earrings have been in vogue for many years. This type of earring is traditional temple jewelry. It is form one or more bells. Jhumka earrings are originated in the south of India.

Beside what I talk about above, there are many other styles of earrings. And the style of earrings will be more fashion.


The Process of Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstone

Jewelry is always created to display gemstone and signify social status. In modern society, the crafted silver jewelry is applied to personal adornment. Jewelry manufacturing process is a matter of creativity. With the improvement of science and technology, the manufacturing process of sterling silver jewelry with gemstone also changes.

At Luster-Jewelry, our artisans have passionately pursued the art of jewelry making since our company was founded in 2010. Each product undergoes a series of sub-processes before we get the nice sterling silver jewelry product. Luster-Jewelry silver jewelry processing knowledge as follow: Jewelry design- Making silver models- cutting rubber moulds from silver models- pull waxes from rubber moulds-  plant wax tree- casting-mechanical finishing- stone setting – polishing-jewelry plating-QC

Brief descriptions of the above processes are being given below:

Jewelry Design

In order to produce a unique piece, the very initial step is to create a design. CAD is computer-aided design. Through CAD, the jewelry designer creates original models in a virtual world. After that, their models are milled from rubber with high tech equipment driven by complex software.  We only need to save the CAD picture if you want to create the same jewelry in the future.

Making silver models

As per the designes, the masters will make the silver models for the same.

Cutting rubber moulds from silver models

Have to make a silver model, and then cut the rubber moulds for the styles, then juse rubber moulds to inject the waxes, and pull all waxes for production.

Pull waxes from rubber moulds

Use rubber moulds to inject all waxes for production.

Plant Wax Tree

On the base of the rubber model, we have to plant all waxes on the wax trees, then put them into the oven, and filled with the powder.

Lost-wax Casting

Put the welded wax models tree into steel drum, and then fill the wax tree with gypsum powder (commonly known as injection powder). Afterwards, you should remove air bubbles from the powder with vacuum machine in order to prevent the sterling silver jewelry appeared holes. Put the welded wax models tree together with the steel drum into electric furnace. (High temperatures evaporate the wax.)This process will take eight hours to reach the right temperature. The required silver material is placed in a vacuum suction machine or centrifugal machine, which is melted into liquid by high temperature. Using the machine, the silver liquid is injected into the steel cup with gypsum powder and wax tree.

Mechanical Finish

After casting, the silver jewelry is black, look not good. Use a chemical solution that reacts with the material in the surface of silver jewelry such as potassium cyanide. In the end, the semi-finished jewelry appears original color.

Stone Setting

After get the casting polished well, then need to set all styles stones into the casting. Here are several types of stone setting used in jewelry making: Prong Setting, Bead Setting, Pave Setting, Bezel Setting, Gypsy Setting, Semi Bezel Setting, Channel Setting, Flush Setting, Millgrain Setting. different styles call the different setting.


Semi-finished jewelry, using wax or yellow, white cloth roll, large and small brush, inner velvet rod and other tools are thoroughly polished by flying saucer machine, grinding machine. This procedure to make the total pieces look shinning, and bright!

Jewelry Plating

Using various metals for covering the surface of the sterling silver jewelry with gemstone, the metals could be rhodium, and so on. It will make the sterling silver jewelry shinier.


The sterling silver jewelry has to pass quality control before shipment. That means all completed jewelry need to be checked by the QC before they can be shipped to customers.


How to Shop the Best Silver Rings For Her

Women’s silver rings have a lot of market all over the word. There are hundreds of local and online sellers of silver jewelry, so it’s difficult to assess whether you’re buying the real deal. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know if you’re buying the best silver ring. Discover the tips to ensure you buy the best quality silver rings for her.

First, Know Her Ring Size

Before buying women’s silver rings, you should know her ring size. It’s essential for you to choose an appropriate silver ring for her. The ring size chart as follow:

Second, How to Identify Authenticity

1, Pay attention to the Hallmark

Generally speaking, the sterling silver rings should be marked with S925, Ag925, 925, .925, 92.5. Some are made for children, they are stamped with S990, Ag990. The S990 silver jewelry is too soft to deform.

2, Estimated Weight

The silver density is slightly larger than the common metal, which is 10.53 grams per cubic centimeter, so the weight can be used to determine whether it is silver

3, Check the Hardness

The hardness of silver is lower. The good quality silver is easy to bend but hard to break. You can verify the authenticity of your silver jewelry by this way. Or use a pin to mark the place, such as the needle skid, the surface is difficult to leave a trace, can be judged as the bronze quality jewelry; If the object left a trace but not too obvious, can be judged as silver jewelry. This method has been widely used since ancient times. In ancient costume films, when received the silver currency, people bite it which is actually testing the hardness.

4, Chemical Reaction

Silver will react with any acid. The acid can make the silver change color and even dissolve. If a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid is placed on the inner part of the silver jewelry, the white mossy silver precipitate will be generated immediately. Other precious metals do not.

In addition, some jewelry is described as “silver plated”. That mean the jewelry is covered with silver, it is not silver jewelry.

Third, Inspect the Price of the Best Silver Rings

Sterling silver is a valuable precious metal, and this is going to be reflected in the price of the product. One of the ways that you can inspect the price of silver jewelry is to do a simple comparison of prices. You can view silver rings and the price in local sterling silver jewelry store or store in the internet. Tall to the seller, then you always get the answers you need.

Two types: with gemstone or not. The cost of silver rings with gemstone includes process cost, gemstone charge, sterling silver charge. You should know what the price of this type of stone is in the market. For example, If a pieces of blue sapphire ring is $12, it must be synthetic blue sapphire rather that natural sapphire. Blue sapphire ring is also a great gift for her.

Fourth, Get a Certificate

The ways identity real silver above can’t confirm the content of the silver. If shop one piece online, you’d better ask for a certificate.  If doubt the authenticity of the product, you can go to an independent third-party testing institution to check the authenticity.


How to Clean S925 Silver Jewelry

About S925 Silver Jewelry

“S925”represents the alloy contain 92.5% pure silver. S925 silver is also can be called sterling silver jewelry. It is well known that sterling silver jewellery will turn black over time, but it is still one of the most  well-loved jewelry on the market today. The purity of silver jewellery can impact the speed of tarnish. That’s mean 950 silver jewelry is easier to turn black. There are many reasons for silver jewelry to tarnish. Now, let us tell you something about sterling silver jewelry.

Although Luster-Jewelry use rhodium metal to coat the outside of S925 silver jewelry, it’s still impossible to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing and turning black. It’s worth mentioning that rhodium plated silver jewelry can cut down the speed of tarnish. The surface of the silver jewelry will reacts with oxygen or sulfur in the air. The chemical reaction is described as“oxidized”.

In life, you would find some people’s silver jewelry got tarnished, but some people not. Because everyone’s endocrine structure is different, some people’s sweat acid is more, some less, some people of ammonia content is higher, so wear silver produced different results, acid easy to black, no acid is not easy to black, and even some grease is secreted exuberant people can bring their own silver glossy.

The way to clean Silver Jewelry

There are many ways to clean your silver jewel at home. Of course, very old, fragile, or valuable pieces should be cleaned by a professional. In addition, many people use commercial silver cleaner. This is a convenient way to make the silver jewelry shine. But it will get rid of the anti-tarnish coating like rhodium at the same time. Then silver jewelry will be tarnished quickly. So, Luster-Jewelry does not recommend it.

The specific methods are:

  • Clean with toothpaste and soft toothbrush.
  • Apply the lipstick to the cloth to wipe the silver jewelry, then rinse and buff the silver jewelry
  • Put in the Caca Cola about 12 hours
  • Apply the vinegar to the cloth to wipe the sterling silver jewelry
  • Electrolyte Method: aluminum foil to line the bowl, 2 tablespoon each of salt, baking soda, dish soap and 500ml boiling water in it. This process is not appropriate for polished silver jewelry without gemstone such as turquoise, pearls etc.
  • Olive and lemon juice: mix a spoon of lemon juice with about 300ml olive in a vessel. Dip the soft cloth with the solution, and wipe the silver jewelry.

Tips: Silver jewelry can scratch easily. The cloth should be soft, dry and   non-abrasive such as such as microfiber or lint-free flannel.

The Way to Preventing Tarnish

There are many factors that cause the tarnish of silver jewelry in our life. It’s vital to keep your 925 sterling silver jewellery away from the substances. The things that will cause tarnish as follow:

  • The water in the swimming pool (chlorinated water)
  • Exposure under the sun, perspiration
  • Household chemicals, , rubber, latex
  • Food likes mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions
  • Beauty products like creams
  • Wool

As a result, keep your jewelry out of the sun if possible! Your S925 silver jewelry isn’t great for lengthy trips without any shade. It’s not suitable to wear silver jewellery when you do housework. If you always wear it, remember to clean it and keep it light.

In addition to timely and regular cleaning, the best way to maintain your silver jewelry is correct storage. Please store your S925 silver jewelry in a cool and dry environment. Use a special polishing cloth or soft cloth like flannel to gently rub the rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry clean after washing. Finally, put it on a plastic bag. In order to avoid scratching, one silver jewelry should be stored in one plastic bag.


Synthetic Sapphire

About Sapphire

The birthstone of September is Sapphire gems. Sapphire is a gemstone, a variety of corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (AL2O3). The color of corundum can be blue, pink .yellow, orange, green, colorless, etc. The color of the corundum depends on the trace metal like copper, magnesium, iron, chromium, titanium. Corundum of all color is called as sapphire except red sapphire. Red corundum always is known as Ruby. The color of Ruby is pink to blood-red because of the element chromium.

About Synthetic Sapphire

Synthetic sapphire was first found in 1902 by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil.  A synthetic sapphire gems material is one that is made in laboratory, which is the same as natural mineral counterpart in some way like chemical, optical and physical characteristics. Synthetic sapphire have their own quality grade as A, AA, AAA. Synthetic sapphire can come in the shape of oval, round, trillion, square, heart, etc. In addition, some companies, mainly producing synthetic gemstone, can customize the shape and size of synthetic sapphire according to your requirement. As a general rule, synthetic sapphire always more perfect than traditional sapphire because they don’t contain the impurities. Since there is not enough natural sapphire to meet demand, various synthetic gems have appeared in the market over the last few decades. Although there are many colors in synthetic sapphire, blue synthetic sapphire is the most popular. Synthetic sapphire is too similar to identify them. In general, an experienced jeweler can identify them. Sapphire is a rare, valuable and most precious gemstone. If a nice sapphire is too cheap, it must be synthetic.

Process of Producing Synthetics

Synthetic Sapphire is grown in furnaces. Taking Aluminum oxide in the furnace and heating it to about 2050 degrees Centigrade and then cooling it. When it cools it forms a sapphire crystal. There are many process to create sapphire : melt growth, solution growth, extremely high-temperature, high-pressure growth processes, floating zone process, the flux process and the hydrothermal process. With the advancement of science and technology, the method of making synthetic gemstones will become more and more complete. Today, it’s estimated that about 90%-95% of the sapphire in the market are heart-treated.

Use of Synthetic Sapphire

At present, synthetic sapphire is used extensively in sterling silver sapphire jewelry making such as sterling silver sapphire rings, sterling silver sapphire earrings, sterling silver sapphire pendants, sterling silver sapphire bracelets. Affordable price synthetic sapphire jewelry can meet market demand. Synthetic sapphire also can be used in the watch and semi-conductor industries. Sapphire is the second hardest gems in the word. The Mohs scale of sapphire is more than 9, thus being quite scratch resistant. That is why the sapphire used in watches. In the future, it will be used in IPHONE to protect the mobile phone screen.

Properties of Synthetic Sapphire:

Crystal System Hexagonal
Lattice a=4.785Å, C=12.991Å
Density 3.98g-4.10g/cm3
Purity 99.99%
Transmission Range 170-6500nm, >80% in IR range
Melting Point 2040°C
Specific Heat 0.418 W.s/g/K
Thermal Conductivity 25.12 W/m/K
Thermal Shock Resistance 790 W/m
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 5.8×10-6/K
Dielectric Constant 11.5°C (Parallel to the c-axis)

103-1010Hz 25

9.3°C (Perpendicular to the c-axis)

103-1010Hz 25

Hardness 9 Mohs
Refractive Index 1.83 @0.26 m, 1.76 @0.63 m, 1.58 @5.57 m