5 Factors Influencing The Cost Of Custom Lighting Fixture

More and more individual hoteliers are following leading hotel chains to use custom lighting fixtures to decorate their lobbies and guest rooms. But most individual hoteliers are specialists in hospitality management but may not be professional at interior design. When planning to order a or a series of good looking and entirely unique custom made lighting fixtures but unsure what elements will influence the price and quality? How long time would the lead time be? Are Chinese manufacturers reliable? Now we take a look at some of the factors and key questions influencing the cost and quality of custom lighting.

custom lighting fixtures

We are frequently queried by clients for what a bespoke light fitting is about to cost. Ultimately, the cost is extremely variable and it really comes down to a question of what clients want and value. Here are five of the key factors influencing the cost of having a piece of decorative lighting fixture custom made:

  1. Design of fixture. Is a bespoke light fitting being entirely designed or built from an standard model? To we manufacturers, do we have to spend time and labor on design work? Have clients have got drawings with specifications from their interior designers?  Or is it a simple modification of an existing design? Design effort should not be underestimated and represents a fundamental step in the production of any quality fixtures.
  1. Materials. Mass-produced lighting fixtures often use iron and zinc-bearing alloy to minimize production costs. Solid brass and stainless steel made quality fixtures are more preferable for high-end and hospitality contract market. Solid brass and guilt bronze always add a great deal of character. Up to now, it’s not always a cheaper option due to the cost of raw material. The benefit is that solid brass or guilt bronze made chandeliers are not easily get rusted, which could lasts its elegance for 20 years and longer.
  1. Manufacturing quality. Bespoke light fitting production by a good lighting manufacturer is unlikely to be based on a flat-pack design and most definitely not manufactured to be mass-produced at the lowest possible cost. We specialize in creating quality custom fixtures built to last a lifetime at reasonable costs or lower.bespoke light fittings
  1. Labor costs. Customers are occasionally wondered if it’s reliable to source from a Chinese supplier. Why prices from a Chinese lighting fixture manufacturer takes only 15-30% of an US based supplier’s offer? It’s easy to overlook the high wages of workers and costs of rent and material of US and Europe based factories. China is the factory of the world, it’s easy to source all components for manufacturing all different designs of custom fixture. Raw material and labor cost in China is only 10% of the US. In custom lighting and contract hospitality lighting industry, skilled craftsmen takes a large part of the fabrication work. Unlike mass-produced fixtures, every custom light piece is made to order. More skilled craftsmen are involved in production. When requesting offers from any suppliers whether US or China based, remember to have all specifications listed on quotation sheet and PI. That would protect both buyers and suppliers.
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  1. Order Quantity. The per unit cost of production will evidently reduce when making multiples of a same design at the same time. On a per item basis, there will be less time spent sourcing raw materials, taking measurements and setting up tooling.An one piece order custom fixture is expected to cost more than the ones produced at volume.

A custom lighting fixture manufacturer can help hoteliers, interior designers,contractors,even resident clients to bring their ideas and concepts into reality. If you’ve found a large crystal chandelier in a high-end shopping mall and you want to have it modified for your next hotel project. Or if you’ve seen a series of table lamps and floor lamps in a branded hotel and you want to bring the smart design to your sweet home. Then contact us and you will find us able to produce it or them for you at a much lower cost even with freight added.

The true value of ordering custom made lighting fixtures is clients getting exactly what they want directly from experts in custom lighting industry. Quality lighting fixtures would help clients to save more costs in maintain. It’s an investment rather than just an order.

The easiest and best way to get the cost for your custom lighting fixtures is by communicating directly with Splendor Lighting’s talented designers. Email us with your drawings,specifications,sketches or even just ideas, we’ll get you with the smartest solution and most competitive offer. If crystals are used in your bespoke lighting fixtures, we would like to offer free crystal samples for your reference. More info you can visit: splendorcrystal.