Custom wedding bobblehead for your wedding

We met at the age of 18, 13 years of love, 21 years of separation. 9 years later, we meet again, and finally understand that nothing has changed. We don’t have to propose, because there’s no need. I even think that I needn’t to more than a lot of formalities get married. Two people living together, to be applied to other people, to seal, I feel awkward,  also very not romantic. However, we still want to get married.

In order to make our wedding special,we custom a bobblehead to show on our wedding,it is very romantic and long time collection.both we love this nice bobble head.

Custom personalized pose wedding bobble head based the photos

Custom wedding bobblehead for your wedding ,you can choose mingbobble,we are professional customized bobblehead dolls. More surprise is waiting for you!