The Third China International Exhibition of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is the first patent in China, has been popular in foreign countries, Shenzhen has become a major export base for electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette in recent years for its outstanding performance look gorgeous, health and other aspects of the aid to smoking cessation in the country also began to pop up .

Exhibition of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette smoke oil as an indispensable part of the brand on the market of oil and smoke flavors dazzling, in the final analysis mainly by oil smoke nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, fragrance composed of four substances.

Nicotine, known as nicotinic. It is an important component of nicotine addiction or tobacco will make people become dependent, repeated use of nicotine also increases heart rate and raises blood pressure and reduce the appetite. 24mg / ml (High Concentration) 18mg / ml (high concentration) 12mg / ml (concentration) 6mg / ml (: oil smoke nicotine content is often expressed as the concentration of the market most of the mainstream smoke oil is XXXmg / ml low concentration) 0mg / ml (no nicotine). Nicotine is the main reason oil smoke produced hit throat feeling, the higher the content of nicotine in smoke oil strike throat feeling more intense, but it will also affect the taste of oil smoke.

As an important raw material for the production of oil smoke, smoke oil added nicotine plays a vital role in Enshi biologic engineering CO.,LTD production of high purity nicotine has been well-known industries. Enshi Biologic Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in October 2010, is a collection of nicotine and its derivatives product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Nicotine is a company focused on research and development, especially high purity nicotine products, based on local resource advantages to be transformed tobacco dedicated plant extracts, waste recycling of bio-engineering, the company produces high-purity nicotine for its reasonable prices, quick transportation, adequate supply capacity and quality of service so that we and many domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a good partnership, and in the market established a good reputation and the reputation, such as: the United States, South Korea, Poland Britain, France and so on.

We committed to providing customers with better products and services, and strive for the development of the electronic cigarette industry and growth modest contribution.

If you are interested, please do not miss them in April 8 – The Third China International Exhibition on the 10th CECMOL electronic cigarette electronic cigarette Our Booth: 6B013, waiting for you! More info you can visit: henonicotine.