Sail against the Monkey year

Time flies, 2015 has been in the past, looking forward to 2016 to us. New year, new goals and nurture hope. Enshi Heno biological engineering CO.,LTD All employees and leaders are celebrate together.

Chairman HeZeChairman HeZe

“in 2015 based on the work of the glittering and shortcomings, the Board of Directors on behalf of the company to all employees put forward three initiatives: First, in-depth study and practice the socialist core values, and second active learning progress, and the third is to establish a sense of ownership results-oriented dare, daring。“

general manager Liu Qizhogeneral manager Liu Qizho

Chairman of the awards for employeesChairman of the awards for employees

general manager of the awards for employees

general manager of the awards for employees

图片5We grab a stool to play the game, the scene is full of laughter

We grab a stool to play the game, the scene is full of laughter

图片7Employees performances, the venue climax


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