The Way to Make the Layout of TV Stand Neat in Dining Living Room

Fusion of TV and furniture in order to improve, so the choice of the details need to be considered when the layout will be improved.

LED wooden flat screen tv stands and furniture

First, this dining room gives us the first impression is luxury and gorgeous and fashion sense. The biggest highlight of the entire space on the wall to create a decorative gold frame, enhance the quality of overall space. Restaurant maintained semi-open semi-secret state border and gold living room decoration echoes. Dark living room furniture LED TV stand bookcase storage also combines functionality and practical atmosphere. Pale gold sofa and the living room by the golden screen at once magnificent backdrop to let up.

Secondly, dining room, integrated design did layering and overall sense of balance, with white walls with yellow walls and wood floor living room, elegant colors bring out a warm relaxed home environment. Designers retain the simple but not simple style characteristics at the same time pay more attention to the practicality of the home improvement, dining table, used TV stand, wine cabinet, bookcases are standing by room type, a good interpretation of the beauty of space. Dining room, study, both while maintaining the independence of each space and spacious space.

Third, the entire space to abandon the bright colors, choose elegant sober tones, creating a warm and elegant space. And mirror TV stand design also gives a simple European fresh and natural, more dining room adds warmth of feeling. Living room furniture is matched with the overall white, simple flower for the balcony to add streaks of natural fragrance, and fragrance of wine before dinner table wine cooler. Elegant light-colored wallpaper, and then covered with brown floor deeper level, if the flowers in full bloom people feel the carpet suddenly.
In short,led tv stand furniture layout was nice, the whole dining room looks wide open, people feel very comfortable. More LCD TV stands,you can visit:http://www.rlfurnishings.com/.

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