How Guangzhou H-Fun Develop the Most Safety Water Park Tubes

The team of Guangzhou H-Fun Has more than 10 years experience of water park products. At the beginning, we make order from other inflatable product factories, but soon, we meet problems.

To control the cost, most of manufactures make water park tubes by high frequency pressing technology. However, those tubes were very easy to get damage from the joint. Even we try to ask them made by hot air welding, the craftwork was too rough to use in the water park.

PVC Water Park 4 Person Cloverleaf Tube

That is the reason why we decide to build a factory to produce water park tubes by hot air welding, we found the most skilled workers to make sure the best quality, and we developed integrated mould to control the cost.

Our new products soon get popular in water parks and get some main customer like Wanda and Suzhou Water Park. These new products can use much longer time than old ones. Then we found the handles became the most damaged part, after trail and error, we reinforced the handle with PVC pad to solve this problem.

As the market growing fast, more and more large equipments built in water park, several accidents occurred on them, which made us to develop the most safety water park tubes.

Besides we extra reinforced the middle joint of four person tube, which is the weak park. Last year, we created four air chamber for four person tube, which is much steadier and safer, even one of the air chamber damaged, others will not be affected, it still can carry players back safely.

Safe Design Water Park 4 Person Tube

We apply patent for this design and introduce to our customer, until now, no one players get hurt on our clients water park again.