3D Waterscape

The prospect of 3D printing technology is undoubtedly huge, explorers in this area are trying to make 3D printing to close to life.
Japanese designer Haruka Misawa used 3D printing technology to create a series of aquarium works,named “WaterScape”.


For the fish to create a high fortified ecological environment.

Misaw’s beautifully designed aquariums are Aquascaping, a wave that has been popular in Japan since the 1990s, and is mainly used by aquatic plants and other materials to create underwater (mainly aquariums) A unique style of the landscape. Thanks to the use of 3D printing technology, these unique underwater landscapes created by Misawa bring a whole new style to the present landscape.

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Congratulation,YOU ARE DONE !

There’s no denying it now: the kids are growing up. It seems like only yesterday that she was sporting pigtails and a tiny little backpack as she started her first day of school, and now she’s a senior. Go ahead… wipe your eyes.

Celebrate the 2017 graduation season with graduation gifts of all shapes and sizes. No matter what age you are, completing an academic year or program of study is an achievement worthy of praise and celebration. We know how important capturing those moments are during the senior year.
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How does 3D printing work?

It all starts with making a virtual design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is for instance a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file. This CAD file is created using a 3D modeling application or with a 3D scanner (to copy an existing object). A 3D scanner can make a 3D digital copy of an object.

3D scanners

3D scanners use different technologies to generate a 3D model. Examples are: time-of-flight, structured / modulated light, volumetric scanning and many more.

Recently, companies like Microsoft and Google enabled their hardware to perform 3D scanning, for example Microsoft’s Kinect. In the near future digitising real objects into 3D models will become as easy as taking a picture. Future versions of smartphones will probably have integrated 3D scanners.

Currently, prices of 3D scanners range from expensive professional industrial devices to $30 DIY scanners anyone can make at home.

personalized casual men bobble head dolls

3D modeling software

3D modeling software also comes in many forms. There’s industrial grade software that costs thousands a year per license, but also free open source software, like Blender, for instance. You can find some beginner video tutorials on our Blender tutorials page.

When you are a beginner and the amount of choices are a bit overwhelming, we recommend to start with Tinkercad. Tinkercad has a free version and it works in browsers that support WebGL, for instance Google Chrome. They offer beginner lessons and has a built in option to get your object printed via various 3D printing services.

When you have a 3D model, the next step is to prepare it in order to make it 3D printable.

Our company uses advanced three-dimensional camera technology to clone your face truly and make the high-quality craft by hand on the post-production process of sculpture. The artistic work made in our company is lifelike and uniqueness . We can mold the figurine according to your request to reach the exquisite artistic result.

Quoting the three-D datum to clone and copy, it can be enlarged and reduced. The stereoscopic embossment can be copied the datum. If selecting the same or other material can make the same works (For example, it is clone for actual human face, hands, feet, classical pattern, the works of stone carving, shoes mold, antique, porcelain jar, the furniture of wood carving, car rear fin, the traditional Buddha statue, the carving root, etc.).

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Backpack daily joke

One day, Tony open an online shop ,he sell his product laptop backpack to Jack .

Tony: Hi, our shop new arrival some trendy backpack,if you are interested,come to vist our shop and buy one.

Fashionable Polyester Trendy School Backpack With Hat

Jack : Sorry, I don’t need.

Tony: Why you don’t need,if you buy a trendy backpack to go out,people will think you are very tasteful!

Jack: well, if you can make the computer think I have a good taste,I will buy.

Tony: A computer is not a people,how it can think you are tasteful?

Jack: I stay at home and play with computer every moment, if I buy a backpack,why don’t give the computer to see?


Best Gift for Father’s DAY!

In our Childhood,

World is big, And Father is big guy in our eyes. He can take us to any place to play,learn and adventure.

He is a big toy that we don’t need charge.
He is our super hero in our heart.

Some heroes, don’t have capes, They are DAD.

When we group up,
The world is still big, But father is smaller.

We are out for our dream. And we don’t go back to see him often.

Father’s DAY is on June 18th ,2017 . So now are you ready a gift for him? Maybe he don’t want any gift and want to dinner and speak with us.

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How to protect your lovley bag ?

Nowadays,more and more people use laptop backpack to protect laptop,so backpack is the one of our indispensability partner in daily.Here is some cleaning and maintenance of backpack:

1.When cleaning,we can use wet cloth to wipe our backpack or flap,unwashable,avoid to use detergent。

2.After cleaning should be dried in the shade, avoid direct sunlight

3.Can not use clothes-hanger to hang the shoulder strap part, because long time will out of shape.

4.Do not remove the backpack system as much as possible.

5.Backpack,when not in use,all fasteners and strap should be relaxed.

laptop digital camera bags

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Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is my best friend,My confidant,My sounding board. When something completely mundane happens that I need to share, my mother is the one person in this world who truly gives a darn. She cries with me when I am upset, she laughs with me when I am happy. She is amazing, Loving,Beautiful,Thoughtful,Selfless and Strong. Now I am become a new Mother this year. And I know better that the feeling as a mother.

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Happy Mother’s Day!