How to choose good quality human hair and how to identify if it is suitable for you ?

Nowadays, more and more people love to buy human hair to make themselves look more beautiful. Everyone can buy human hair online. However, some people would explain that they wasted money as the hair is tangled or shed what they have received, and some people will think the hair what they bought is not suitable for them.
So it is very important for us to choose the good quality hair and choose the one which is the most suitable for you. Don’t waste money again !
There are some tips for your reference:
1. Classification:
The quality of hair is divided into the following grades: Virgin( top quality ), Remy, non-remy, Synthetic.
Virgin hair is the best quality hair, it looks more natural and it can last for a long time. You can choose this one if you are looking for quality.
Of course, some sellers will state that their hair is 100% virgin human hair. But if the hair will shed or tangle in a short time, then it means that they they may mix some non-remy hairs to it. You can read the “customer reviews” before buying. For wholesalers, you can ask sellers if there is return policy. For sellers, normally they can promise buyers that they will have the right to return or exchange when buyers receive the hair within 7 days and not use it.
2. Use method:
For human hair, There are a variety of hairs for different use methods, including hair bundles, lace closures, wigs, clips in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, bulk hair, pre bonded hair, micro loop ring, flip in hair extensions (halo hair), etc.
Among of them, hair bundles and wigs are the most popular. Some people also will buy bundles and closures to make a wig by themselves. You can hidden all of your hairs and wear a wig, it will look very awesome.
On the other hand, if you have your own long hair already and you want to make it longer or want something other hair colors and don’t want to dye your own hair, then you can choose tape in hair extensions, pre bonded hair , micro loop ring hair or clip in hair extensions, etc. Among of them, clip in hair extensions is the easiest to wear it. If you want to wear it conveniently, then you can choose this one.
3. Hair Texture:
Hair Textures: Straight, body wave, deep wave, water wave, kinky curly, loose wave, yaki straight, funmi, etc.
Actually you can buy any hair textures you want. Straight and Body Wave is the hot selling. Especially for straight hair, you can restyle to any textures and it is easiest to care for. If you don’t know which hair texture is suitable for you, then choose straight style.
4. Hair color:
In the market, 1b natural black color is the most commonly sold. Along with the market mature and development, you can choose more and more colorful human hair. But the most important thing is: the hair color you choose should be matched with your own hair color, then it won’t look wired.
Buying hair is for the sake of more beauty, you’d better select the hair products carefully before you place an order. Don’t waste money again!
For more details, please contact me freely.
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About Sterling Silver

With the development of economy and technological, sterling silver is always used in giftware, hollowware, flatware. Mainly used in jewelry making . Sterling silver jewelry is cheaper than Karat gold jewelry, so than most of people can afford it. But, most people don’t know sterling silver. Now, let me tell you something about sterling silver and how to distinguish sterling silver, coin silver and silver.

Although, sterling silver, coin silver, pure silver belong to silver item, the mean of them is different. Sterling silver is different from pure silver and coin silver. Coin silver is 90 percent pure silver and the remaining part consists of other metal. Usually, It is copper. Pure silver, referred to as fine silver, has the silver content of 99.9%. Pure silver is too soft to be used in jewelry making and be any other physical object. Therefore, pure silver need to mix with other metal to make it strength and hardness. Sterling silver, called 925 sterling silver in China, is an alloy of at least 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal add it. The metal used in sterling  silver include zinc, germanium, platinum, silicon, copper and so on.

Most sterling silver is made up with pure silver and copper. Copper can maintain the silvery color of the alloy while improve its durable. Alloying with copper is prone to tarnishing because of the copper is more easily to oxidation and corrosion. At present, there is no way to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing because will react with many things in your life. For example, tap water will prompt sterling silver jewelry turning black because it contains chlorine. If you put the sterling silver jewelry in the desk, the surface of sterling silver jewelry will contact the oxygen then the jewelry will turning black. In addition, all of sterling silver jewelry in Luster-Jewelry is plated with rhodium which is a kind of rare metal. In order to reduce the tarnishing, Luster-Jewelry pays attention to the process of rhodium-plated. It is worth mentioning than sterling silver plated jewelry or silver coating jewel is not real sterling silver jewelry, it could be copper or other metal jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry is at least 92.5% of pure silver in the alloy. Legally sterling silver jewelry should be stamped with “925”, ”.925”or”92.5.”. A silver jewelry labeled them you buy means genuine sterling silver jewelry. Coin silver is marked with “coin silver”,”coin”,”900”,”.900”,or”90” which mean the piece has at least 90% of pure silver. Pure silver is stamped with “999” means high purity silver. But, the silver jewelry marked the number of 925 don’t really has pure silver content of 92.5% in somewhere. In other words, some fake sterling silver jewelry is sold in the market.

Due to the affordability of sterling silver, jewelry manufacture always put the simulated sapphire or diamond gemstones in it. Sterling silver simulated sapphire jewelry is popular with the people in North America. Sterling silver gemstone jewelry is conducive to the quality of life.

Sterling silver jewelry does not get cheaper. On the contrary, the value increases with time. Apart from pure gold and karat gold, sterling silver jewelry can be worth the investment. Luster-Jewelry sterling silver jewelry is your best choice.


About Synthetic Emerald

Emerald is a kind of green gemstone. It has been treasured as decoration in the form of Emerald jewelry for many years. Expensive natural Emeralds are always embedded in precious metal like pure gold. (24 karat gold) Emerald is an elegant precious gemstone. It is popular with women all over the word. The world’s three major Emerald deposits are mined in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Of course, there are other Emerald mines in the word. For example, the Emerald mines in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia and United States. As a general rule, Colombia Emerald is praised as the best Emerald because of the nice color.  It is more expensive than other Emerald gems. Emerald belongs to the beryl family, It’s chemical formula is  (Be3Al2(SiO3)6). Emerald has a hardness of 7.5-8. 0. This compares favorably to Tanzanite (6.0 to 7.0) but not compares to Sapphire and Ruby (9.0). This Emerald is colored green due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. About optical properties of an Emerald, the color ranges from yellowish green to bluish green, with most Emeralds having a very slightly bluish green color. About Emerald’s weight, Emerald gemstone will larger than Sapphire in one per carat.

And do you know synthetic Emerald? Synthetic Emerald began in the 1930s. Synthetic Emerald can be called created Emerald, lab-created Emerald, artificial Emerald, hydrothermal Emerald. Hydrothermal synthesis is a technique.  The material of synthetic Emerald is the powder of natural Emerald. Hydrothermal synthesis has been used in lab-created Emerald as Russian synthetic Emerald as well as Columbia synthetic Emerald. At present, there are many kinds of synthetic Emerald except Russian Emerald and Colombian Emerald. In addition to hydrothermal synthesis, there are other several methods to create synthetic Emerald. Laboratory-created Emerald, their chemical composition, optical and physical properties is identical to the good quality natural Emerald. Therefore, It’s difficult to distinguish natural Emerald from synthetic Emerald. If you want to find out the Emerald is synthetic or natural Emerald, you should take it to a top laboratory for analyst. Many people can not recognize them. For this reason, you best to left the Emerald in the hand of qualified gemologists . They will tell you the truth.

Emerald jewelry is a good choice for wedding anniversary or birthday present. The Emerald is one of the most popular of precious gemstone, Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires. However, the price of high-end natural Emerald is too high to afford. The value of a synthetic Emerald is much lower than the natural Emerald. Synthetic Emerald is widely used in sterling silver and karat jewelry making, for instance sterling silver Emerald rings, sterling silver Emerald earrings, sterling silver Emerald bracelet as well as sterling silver Emerald pendants. Synthetic Emerald is cheaper than natural Emerald, but the cost of synthetic Emerald still higher than other lab-created gemstone. Because of synthetic Emerald, more and more people can wear favorite sterling silver Emerald jewelry or Emerald gold jewelry.

The properties between natural Emerald and synthetic Emerald as follow:

Moh’s Hardness Refractive index Chemical Formula Birefringence Specific Gravity Crystal System
Natural Emerald 7.5~8 1.565~1.602 Be3Al2 [SI6o18] 0.005-0.008 2.65~2.70 Hexagonal
Synthetic Emerald 7.5~8 1.570~1.577 Be3Al2 [SI6o18] 0.007 2.7 Hexagonal

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How Guangzhou H-Fun Develop the Most Safety Water Park Tubes

The team of Guangzhou H-Fun Has more than 10 years experience of water park products. At the beginning, we make order from other inflatable product factories, but soon, we meet problems.

To control the cost, most of manufactures make water park tubes by high frequency pressing technology. However, those tubes were very easy to get damage from the joint. Even we try to ask them made by hot air welding, the craftwork was too rough to use in the water park.

PVC Water Park 4 Person Cloverleaf Tube

That is the reason why we decide to build a factory to produce water park tubes by hot air welding, we found the most skilled workers to make sure the best quality, and we developed integrated mould to control the cost.

Our new products soon get popular in water parks and get some main customer like Wanda and Suzhou Water Park. These new products can use much longer time than old ones. Then we found the handles became the most damaged part, after trail and error, we reinforced the handle with PVC pad to solve this problem.

As the market growing fast, more and more large equipments built in water park, several accidents occurred on them, which made us to develop the most safety water park tubes.

Besides we extra reinforced the middle joint of four person tube, which is the weak park. Last year, we created four air chamber for four person tube, which is much steadier and safer, even one of the air chamber damaged, others will not be affected, it still can carry players back safely.

Safe Design Water Park 4 Person Tube

We apply patent for this design and introduce to our customer, until now, no one players get hurt on our clients water park again.


Importance of the Strength of a Factory!

KANGYI have a piece of good news share for all customers,our branch of factory opened on Sep.18th 2017,.

LeiYang Kangyi Luggage technology co., LTD.(the first of leathergoods dust-free workshop in China!) have 9500 square meters

Guangzhou Kangyi Leathergoods Factory

Our existing factory in Guangzhou Renhe(near the Baiyun Airport),established in 2000years,have 9000 square meters.

Kangyi in 17 years has always insisted on “Professional win applause, quality create the future”concept. Based on the principle of “people-oriented”, cultivate a large number of stable technical elite.

Our main products are laptop backpacks wholesale,digital camera bags,gift bags and other custom bags.

Welcome you to order with us,price,quality,lead-time,we are lead to the forefront in the area,we believe that our factory is a good supplier for you to choose!


Best Painless Epilator For Woman in 2017

Hi, Girl ! Do you want the kind of smooth, gorgeous, hairless skin that leaves you worry-free in shorts or a bikini? But shaving daily is so boring and waxing can be painful, at least each patch of hair comes off in a fraction of a second and then there’s time to take a deep breath and regroup. Epilating? The idea of a machine that is continually using a group of tweezers to pull out hairs can be downright terrifying. You need a quick, affordable solution that will leave you with ravishing results.

If you’re asking yourself, “which epilator should I buy?” and are totally overwhelmed with the options, you’re in the right place. Finding the best epilator can be a daunting task. We’ve been there, done that. We would like to recommend you painless and permanent IPL epilator (IPL hair removal machine INS-VE01).

INS-VE01 IPL Hair Removal System For Body

The IPL hair removal machine INS-VE01 is with 300,000 spots, a new breakthrough product that uses Intense Pulsed Light (“IPL”) to remove unwanted hair at home. This hair removal system utilizes the same clinically proven technology that professional dermatologists and salon use, but optimized for personal treatment of smaller areas in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Unlike most at-home hair removal methods,such as waxing, IPL hair removal machine?doesn’t cut or pull out hair; it actually uses light energy to work below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs at the root and prevent new ones from growing. This is gradual process. You can gradually notice fewer hairs in the treatment area within a few weeks, with results generally improving over time. This IPL hair removal machine is painless, safe?and permanently hair removal for you. It is very popular among users.We highly recommend it to you.


3D printer for DIY Succulents Potting

Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual Appearance.

I wonder if everyone is also loving these happy little guy? Now, you have the opportunity through the 3D printer, DIY a unique shape of the “Bulbasaur” succulents potting, both to meet the desire to cultivate Succulents and can also be combined with the animation, the important that the production process is very interesting!
firstly print the Bulbasaur by 3D printer, And we will be the end of the final model drilled a big hole, used to place the roots of Succulents, of course, if your plant has no roots, you can skip this step. The general steps are shown below.


When everything is done, we start the scene. Will be a small layer of pebbles on the bottom of the glass for drainage, when the bottom of the flower pot if there is a ventilation hole will be more ideal, can effectively prevent root.

If you don’t like the shape, we also can make it in polyresin. It can be painted more like Bulbasaur.

So tell me which one you want and your idea. Welcome your unique idea to custom bobble head , cake topper .