Backpack daily joke

One day, Tony open an online shop ,he sell his product laptop backpack to Jack .

Tony: Hi, our shop new arrival some trendy backpack,if you are interested,come to vist our shop and buy one.

Fashionable Polyester Trendy School Backpack With Hat

Jack : Sorry, I don’t need.

Tony: Why you don’t need,if you buy a trendy backpack to go out,people will think you are very tasteful!

Jack: well, if you can make the computer think I have a good taste,I will buy.

Tony: A computer is not a people,how it can think you are tasteful?

Jack: I stay at home and play with computer every moment, if I buy a backpack,why don’t give the computer to see?


Best Gift for Father’s DAY!

In our Childhood,

World is big, And Father is big guy in our eyes. He can take us to any place to play,learn and adventure.

He is a big toy that we don’t need charge.
He is our super hero in our heart.

Some heroes, don’t have capes, They are DAD.

When we group up,
The world is still big, But father is smaller.

We are out for our dream. And we don’t go back to see him often.

Father’s DAY is on June 18th ,2017 . So now are you ready a gift for him? Maybe he don’t want any gift and want to dinner and speak with us.

But Every Super DAD deserves the best gift possible for Father’s Day – a custom and unique bobblehead to remember the time .

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Sport bobble head,car dashboard bobble head and so on. If there are not dolls to meet your idea, you can choose fully customized unique bobbleheads based the photos for your Dad.

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How to protect your lovley bag ?

Nowadays,more and more people use laptop backpack to protect laptop,so backpack is the one of our indispensability partner in daily.Here is some cleaning and maintenance of backpack:

1.When cleaning,we can use wet cloth to wipe our backpack or flap,unwashable,avoid to use detergent。

2.After cleaning should be dried in the shade, avoid direct sunlight

3.Can not use clothes-hanger to hang the shoulder strap part, because long time will out of shape.

4.Do not remove the backpack system as much as possible.

5.Backpack,when not in use,all fasteners and strap should be relaxed.

laptop digital camera bags

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Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is my best friend,My confidant,My sounding board. When something completely mundane happens that I need to share, my mother is the one person in this world who truly gives a darn. She cries with me when I am upset, she laughs with me when I am happy. She is amazing, Loving,Beautiful,Thoughtful,Selfless and Strong. Now I am become a new Mother this year. And I know better that the feeling as a mother.

So Mom deserves the best gift possible for Mother’s Day – a custom and unique bobblehead! Choose one unique bobble head for your Mother in www.mingbobble.com.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Why is so important to have the right bag ?

A laptop mostly weighs between 2 and 4 kilos . the weight of a bag containing a laptop , accessories such as a mouse and external keyboard, papers and a wallet can quickly add up to 4 to 6 kilos.

A backpack weighing this much has significant advantages over ‘ordinary ‘ laptop bags with a shoulder strap. Carrying it takes less energy, results in better posture and distributes muscle tension more symmetrically between the left and right sides of the body.

But whether you use a backpack or a shoulder bag , health experts recommend carrying a bag weighing 4 to 6 kilos no farther than 90 meters (Mital et al.,1993). For longer distances, they recommend using a trolley in order to take the strain off of the boby, particularly the back.

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5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Body Hair Permanently

Thinking of getting rid of hair down there for the first time? You are bound to have questions such as will it hurt? It is safe? There are a variety of hair removal methods on the market. Here we list a few methods for your reference. If you can chose the best way for yourself.

1. IPL hair removal

IPL hair reduction technique has become a rage for some time. It is touted as the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair and is also safe. There is many home IPL hair removal machine on the market, such as home IPL hair removal system INS-VE01. Utilising the IPL technology used by dermatologists, the IPL Hair Removal System INS-VE01 delivers a professional-quality hair removal solution. This advanced treatment lets you experience permanent hair removal at home after 8~10 months.Let you enjoy silky, smooth skin with confidence. This device is with good reviews among users.It is ideal for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and effortlessly and painless.

2017 New IPL Hair Removal System With 300,000 Pulses

Trim the area before you go for a session.
Please do not use on darker and black skin.
Pros: It is a painless and nearly-permanent solution for hair reduction. You can remove unwanted hair at home. You just need to buy a replaceable hair removal lamps after you run out of the pulses. Cheap and very convenient for you.
Cons: You will have to use it about 8~ 10 weeks. Then you will the result.

2. Body hair shaving
The easy way out to get rid of hair from anywhere, any time! But when it comes to your intimate area, it is essential to keep a few pointers in mind. Since this area is more delicate than others, you need to give it enough prep time before you actually start shaving.

If this is your first time, trim the hair first with a pair of scissors.
Next, clean the area with lukewarm water.
Apply shaving gel or cream and let it stay for a few seconds before you start.
Keep your legs apart and stretch your skin with the help of one hand.
Use a razor to shave hair in the direction it grows from the area. Do not rush as that can lead to red bumps later.
Once you are done, wash the area thoroughly with water to get rid of any leftover gel or cream and pat dry the area.
Apply a light moisturiser to avoid itching sensations and redness. Wear comfortable underwear.
Pros: Shaving is inexpensive and handy. You can do it on your own. It is pain-free.
Cons: You will have to do it more often as the growth is quicker. Doing it incorrectly can lead to cuts.

3.Hair removal creams
Another painless method without the hassle of razors, shaving gels, etc. Hair removal cream is a popular DIY method to get rid of unwanted hair. But you need to keep in mind to choose the right one. If it is too strong for your skin, it can cause itching and rashes as it irritates your skin. If it is too mild, it won’t give the desired results and you may end up with patchy hair growth.

Always test the cream on your arm or leg before you proceed to the bikini area.
Once you find the right cream, simply apply it on the area and wait for the said time (usually 10-15 minutes).
Wash it with water to get rid of the hair and cream.
Make sure the area is clean and that the cream is only on the outer part.
If you experience any burning sensation, wash the area with water immediately. Once the procedure is over, pat dry the area.
Pros: It is quick and easy. It is a hassle-free, painless procedure.
Cons: Can cause rashes if skin is too sensitive. The cream usually has a strong chemical odour which stays for sometime on the skin.

4.Bikini wax
This method is painful no doubt, but it gives better and long lasting results. Many people may not want to remove all the hair but only have a clean bikini line. In that case, going for a bikini wax is a good idea. Though you may find DIY kits in the market, it is best to go to a salon than do it yourself as it gets difficult to get the right angle and can be more painful too. Also read how to make bikini waxing less painful.

Make sure you go to a salon which is hygienic and uses disposable waxing strips.
Let the lady know if the wax is too hot for your skin.
You may experience redness even after the treatment is over if your skin is too sensitive.
Apply a cold compress (ice) to soothe the area and wear comfortable innerwear. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth for weeks after the initial pain.
Pros: Long-lasting results. The skin is smooth as silk. No growth for weeks.
Cons: Painful. It has to be done by a salon expert. Skin feels numb for a few hours after the treatment. Read these tips to avoid side-effects of waxing.

5.Brazilian wax
This method became quite popular in the West and slowly crawled its way here too. Though it may not be available at all salons, you may find it in big chains. Brazilian wax is nothing but waxing the entire bikini area to make it completely hairless. This means, you need to bare it all and apply hot wax in your most intimate areas. It is quite painful and is only done when the hair
is fully grown. The complete region is waxed using a special wax. Many salons abroad, leave a strip of hair in the front or make patterns out of it. Some even offer to colour the strip of hair.
Some salons may also offer an anaesthetic cream to numb the pain so ask for one if you cannot bear the pain.
You may first want to give bikini wax a try before opting for a Brazilian one.
Apply ice to soothe the area after you are done and wear something comfortable.
Pros: The thickness of hair recedes over time. The bikini area remains clean and hair-free for weeks.
Cons: It is extremely painful. You have to wait for the hair to grow back completely before your next session. You will have to bare your intimate area to the salon lady.

If you want to permanently hair removal with painless at your privacy home, we recommend you can try to use IPL hair removal machine INS-VE01. It is ideal for your choose. The device is very popular and have good reviews in the market now.


2017’ s The Best IPL Hair Removal Machine At Home

Home IPL hair removal device INS-VE01 is applied with intense pulse light technology. IPL light penetrates into dermis and is absorbed by melanin in hair and hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the energy from hair section to hair root, rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it.It brings a comfortable, painless, safe, and permanent hair removal result. You can remove unwanted hair at your privacy of home.

In addition, the IPL epilator also has contact skin recognition system, that is, only when the cap will contact well with the skin can it be flashed. This design can avoid harm caused by false triggering. Also, the lamp is with memory function even you changed it,its memory still can identify automatically.The device will show the data on the LCD display. It is very convenient for you to check.

It is worth mentioning that INS-VE01 IPL hair removal machine has five energy levels that allows different parts of the body to find a suitable energy, more effectively achieve to hair removal. It is the best home IPL hair removal device for your choice.

300,000 Flashes Hair Removal IPL Depilator

Effect: Permanent hair removal,painless, fast, effective and safe with no side-effects

Preparing treatment areas
1. Shave the areas you intend to treat as long as you still experience hair regrowth.

Note: If your last depilation method involved removing hairs by the roots (e.g epilating, waxing etc.), wait until you notice significant hair regrowth before you use the device. Do not use depilatory creams instead of shaving.

  • Please note that treatment on unshaved or improperly shaved areas has a number of undesired effects:The light exit window and attachment may become contaminated with stray hairs and dirt. A contaminated light exit window and can reduce the life and efficacy of the appliance. In addition, burns or black spots that appear on the light exit window and attachments due to contamination can cause the treatment to become painful or cause skin reactions like redness and discolouration. Hairs on your skin can burn, which can result in an unpleasant smell


  • Clean your skin and make sure it is hair-free, entirely dry and free from oily substances (e.g. present in cosmetic products like deodorants, lotions, perfumes, tanning creams and sunscreens).

3.Check the appliance, especially the light exit window for trapped hair, dust and fibres. If you see any contamination, clean the appliance.