3D printer for DIY Succulents Potting

Succulents are often grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual Appearance.

I wonder if everyone is also loving these happy little guy? Now, you have the opportunity through the 3D printer, DIY a unique shape of the “Bulbasaur” succulents potting, both to meet the desire to cultivate Succulents and can also be combined with the animation, the important that the production process is very interesting!
firstly print the Bulbasaur by 3D printer, And we will be the end of the final model drilled a big hole, used to place the roots of Succulents, of course, if your plant has no roots, you can skip this step. The general steps are shown below.


When everything is done, we start the scene. Will be a small layer of pebbles on the bottom of the glass for drainage, when the bottom of the flower pot if there is a ventilation hole will be more ideal, can effectively prevent root.

If you don’t like the shape, we also can make it in polyresin. It can be painted more like Bulbasaur.

So tell me which one you want and your idea. Welcome your unique idea to custom bobble head , cake topper .