Why you choose us?

To be a professional bobble head maker. We have advantage to let you choose us.

1)Modify in unlimited

When you place an custom bobblehead order, and send me a standard face, we will sculpt the face base the photo. Some supplier will limit the number of modify. Such as, if you want to make 3 times about the face, need add fee.  This is Unreasonable.  And our company can promise that if you don’t change the face, we will make the change unlimited till you agree to process it. “ok,I like the head proofs of my bobble head, go head to process”. We like our customer can have the feeling.

personalized shopping wedding cake topper

2)Bulk Quantity For Bodies For Choose
From 2010, Now we have more than 5000 bodies for choose. So if you have idea about your own bobble head dolls. Pls let us know.

3) We can offer you urgent service

Because we have our own skill sculpting team and production team to make bobblehead by hand. So our time is flexible. So we can offer you urgent service.

So if you want to make a custom bobble head or wedding cake topper in urgent time. Pls let us know the time and discuss with the customer service. We will try our best to make it.

4)Broken service
Broken is bad news for you and I. But Pls don’t worry and feel sad. We can redo and ship in free. So that you can have a replace one. But pls offer me the broken photos ASAP.
And If you are our agent, we will offer you a 1 to 1 service

It mean we can offer you a professional  consumer-service staffs to take charge of  your all orders. they are professional ,So that you will don’t worry that process,  you can pay more time in promotion.

We are confident to give you best service. So why don’t you choose us?


Bobble head —- Improving employee morale with incentives as year-end bonus

Before new year, Some company will prepare some gift for manage , best employee, and employee to thank employee and improve them morale. Usually they may give money, prepaid card, gift baskets, etc., or Halloween, Christmas office party. Don’t you think all are too normal? May be you want to find some special gift for them. But can’t find out. So just give gifts as normal, not special.

Personalized office lady Bobble Head For Gift

Custom bobblehead is your best choice for them. Recently, people tend to give personalized, unique and custom gift. Because this kind of gift is memory that customer can’t forget. And tell the receiver that he is careful to prepare the gift. And I think the gift for employee need to pass same thought with employee.

Our custom personalized bobblehead can show the memory that the employee in your company. She is working hard in your company. And you may worry that this bobblehead will be too personalized, and don’t show any information of your company. Pls don’t worry, you can put company logo on the base or let your employee wear your company uniform. This is our busniess bobblehead show. You can let us know your idea.

Winning a personalized bobblehead dolls may not sound like much. But such company prizes can make a difference for employees. Bobblehead is not any more for star or sport player. Or for promotion.
Pls refer:http://www.bobblehead2u.com/personalized-office-lady-bobble-head-for-gift_p79.html. It must make your year-end bonus more amazing.