How to Order Custom Chandeliers from A Chinese Manufacturer?

Why custom design chandeliers and other lighting fixtures have always been accepted accepted to world branded hotel chains for decades? As a certain part of the interior decorations, lighting fixtures must be designed and installed perfectly to suit the space and interior style. It will have the exact dimensions you need, whether it’s an extra large crystal chandelier hung in the center of the hotel lobby, or small pieces including table lamps and floor lamps used for guest room lighting. It will have all the options you are looking for: enough drawers. Whether you are the hotelier or the contractor, you don’t have to spend months searching high and low, from supplier to supplier, in hopes that someone has magically anticipated your needs; just contact Splendor Lighting, a professional custom lighting fixtures manufacturer based in China, tell us what you want or send us the drawings, we will quote and get it done!

wholesale round shaped antique bronze pendant chandelier

First you can contact Splendor Lighting via e-mail or post service to describe what you have in mind or send all drawings and specifications, a whether it is a super large crystal chandelier for a hotel lobby or entryway or a series of table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces for hospitality use. We work from whatever inspires you, whether it is a fixture that you see on our website or a photo from your favorite magazine, website or of that unattainable antique. We have very strong capabilities and abundant experiences to help to bring your concepts and ideas into reality.

Whether what you send us is a just sketch or a photograph. Size, finish and metal type are completely up to you and your needs. Once all specifications to the custom chandeliers have been decided upon we will give you a quote. Once we receive a deposit (30% to 50% depending on lead time and project scopes) for the order we can have the custom design chandeliers into our production schedule.

The chandelier fabrication process begins with scaled drawings of your design and finish selection. We always pay close attention to selecting metal and finish matching your budget and interior overall look. In most cases, solid brass is widely used in many high-end chandelier lights to ensure a nice and extravagant look and also a longer life span. All of our custom chandelier lights are built using time tested, traditional methods and joinery, that ensure this piece will still be stunning for decades even generations from now. If you or your inspection team have interest in coming to visit Splendor Lighting at any point in the process to see your piece of chandelier lighting that is more than welcome. If you are not visiting China during the fabrication, we can help to take photos of the fabrication process of the custom chandeliers you order and have them sent to you via email. We have found that most western clients enjoy following the fabrication process of their lighting orders. Either way you choose, we always keep in touch, making sure you are informed on every step of progress and how your ordered chandeliers are coming along.

We use superb quality iron,steel,solid brass and leaded crystals on each and every piece of custom chandelier light we make, the finest materials from China even the world available today. We purchase and store raw materials in quantity to reduce the price of each single custom piece. This means all materials can be tracked where they were imported from and which supplier made by. Swarovski, Asfour and Chinese K9 crystals are all available fromSplendor Lighting. If you have any points unclear regarding metals,finishes or crystals, please let us know, we can help you to get clear understandings of all factors.

Besides of the raw materials for custom chandelier lighting fabrication, we also have a wide range of finishes used for different looks, styles and applications. We will assist and guide you to decide and understand what finishes will be your needs for all aspects. 24K gold, chrome, antique bronze, antique brass, nickle, flemish and all other finishes in custom chandelier lighting industry are available from Splendor Lighting.

The lead times for most custom lighting fabrication processes can range from 2 weeks to 3 weeks depending on quantity, complexity and our current work load. We will give you the estimated completion time before an order is made and this is printed on the sales contract or commercial invoice. We schedule production orders to the maximum of our capabilities and do the best to maintain every step. We Splendor Lighting craftsmen and sales team are always confident and proud clients will consider your custom pieces worth the wait. Lead times of Splendor Lighting are already much shorter than US and European suppliers due to the lower labor costs and abundant local resources for custom chandelier lighting industry.

Once your custom chandelier lighting fixtures are completely made, the packing process usually takes another 1 to 3 days. The balance will be due upon completion, prior to delivery. We accept bank transfer and L/C for contractors and dealers, Paypal and western union for personal buyers.

Splendor Lighting ships worldwide by air cargo,courier and sea freight. Please contact us for more information or to get a quote. We guarantee our custom chandelier lights against defects in craftsmanship and material for a 20 years. If cared appropriately, our fixtures should work for your hotel and all applications for decades.

Since we have briefly introduced how to order one or a series of custom chandelier lighting pieces from Splendor Lighting. You may have prepared your ideas or drawings with specifications for pricing. Whether the custom fixtures are shown on our catalog or project portfolio or all new custom designs you have in mind. Contact us for a best quote on the particular custom chandelier light. We always enjoy working closely with our clients around the world to make that custom pieces of chandelier lighting realities. Feel free to discuss design, material, finish or size with us. Free crystal samples are available upon request. Most of the time the chandelier lights we fabricate are made-to-order, but occasionally we keep some latest or classic design pieces available in our showroom. We will mark those chandeliers or sconces “in stock” on the product list page.

Please feel free to contact us via email or visit our custom chandelier lighting facilities and company at any time. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you here in China. More info you can visit splendorcrystal.

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