Beer and German Beer Stein Culture

Beer is considered to be the world’s oldest fermented beverage, with written records of its production found dating back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and evidence of beer brewing going back thousands of years beyond that.

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German Beer History – Germany has a rich history surrounding the brewing and drinking of beer, beginning with the initial distribution of beer throughout Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes as early as the 1st century AD. European style ceramic beer Stein is more important.With the development of civilization, Germany continues to shape the European way, and by extension America, closer to their own drinks.

Beer is the standard definition in Germany developed, passed into law in 1516 by William IV, Duke of Bavaria.German Beer Today – Early development and innovation in Germany gave rise to many of the varieties of beer we enjoy today.The Lager style, a cool fermenting beer known for its clarity, was invented and refined in Germany, giving rise to the manufacturers of so-called American Lager such as Anheuser-Busch the makers of Budweiser.

The Beer Stein – German beer stein is a uniquely German symbol of beer and beer drinking. Typically, steins were made in stoneware, earthenware, ceramic, or pewter. Some, however, were done in crystal, glass, wood, or silver. These days, earthenware is fairly uncommon as it was a poor material and most used in the manufacture of cheap mugs. The iconic lids are usually made from pewter or tin.

While much of modern beer stein art is for the sake of souvenirs for tourists, the early beer steins were also treated to decoration.Stoneware was initially time consuming and expensive to produce, so was typically favored by wealthier citizens. Cheap ceramic beer stein is Widely popular.People would have their mugs decorated with Renaissance and Baroque style art. With the decorated beer stein becoming a status symbol, designs became more elaborate, and incorporated a variety of glazes, molds, and carvings in their creation.

As the night wore on, and the beer flowed freely, gradually everyone joined in with singing and dancing. Eventually, the kegs were emptied and everyone drifted off to their respective homes.