Welcome Guangdong E-commerce Promotion Association(Huadu Branch) to exchange guidance

Thank you for Guangdong E-commerce Promotion Association(Huadu Branch) to visit Kangyi Leather Goods Factory!

The meeting is mainly display the development of our company’s e-commerce.First of all,let’s talk about the trend of e-commerce development and related situations in the near future.Then,we watched the introduction video of our factory together and showed our new design of anti theft  laptop backpack. Everyone is interested in this laptop backpack.Lastly,The staff of the branch company put forward some suggestions about the relevant work and how to develop the electronic commerce well.

Congratulations Guangdong E-commerce Promotion Association(Huadu Branch) to exchange guidance meeting completed success!


Backpack daily joke

One day, Tony open an online shop ,he sell his product laptop backpack to Jack .

Tony: Hi, our shop new arrival some trendy backpack,if you are interested,come to vist our shop and buy one.

Fashionable Polyester Trendy School Backpack With Hat

Jack : Sorry, I don’t need.

Tony: Why you don’t need,if you buy a trendy backpack to go out,people will think you are very tasteful!

Jack: well, if you can make the computer think I have a good taste,I will buy.

Tony: A computer is not a people,how it can think you are tasteful?

Jack: I stay at home and play with computer every moment, if I buy a backpack,why don’t give the computer to see?